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Australian TV Features My Commentary on Paul Ryan

August 20, 2012

Click this link to see my comment on Paul Ryan on Australian TV (from 18:40 to 24:00).

Scroll forward to 18:40 to see my clip.

Looks like the Australians have a pretty good take on American politics…

Paul Ryan's Plan [LM]

August 14, 2012

A tax and health care plan only Ebenezer Scrooge could love…
Guests: Lynn Parramore and Cliff Shecter

Post-Traumatic Stress Injury & War [RC]

August 13, 2012

Guest: Grady Smith, author of Blood Chit
ALSO a quick comment at the outset on Paul Ryan

Who is Paul Ryan [CCTV]

August 12, 2012


Who is Paul Ryan? [IS]

August 12, 2012

Nancy Skinner and I discuss the new Republican Vice-Presidential nominee.

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