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Trayvon Injustice and Obamacare Sabotage [RC]

July 19, 2013

My Plea for Racial Justice and Understanding [NV]

July 18, 2013

Bad Jury Instructions & IRS Vindication [Inside Scoop Nationwide]

July 17, 2013

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In Defense of Capitalism [Russian TV]

July 16, 2013


On Russia TV’s “Crosstalk,” I was pushed to do something I rarely do: defend capitalism.

(Kind of ironic since Bill O’Reilly has called me a socialist.)

Trayvon, Abortion, Food Stamps & Filibuster [Inside Scoop TV]

July 15, 2013


Lots to talk about on the Inside Scoop TV show tonight.
My guest is Republican strategist Mike Lane.

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