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Levine v. Hannity — The Aggressive Progressive vs. The Firebrand Conservative [Hannity]

March 5, 2014

Mark Levine takes on Sean Hannity.
Highlight of show:
LEVINE (to HANNITY):  “Do have any sources for your data or are you just making stuff up?  Are you going to ask me next my views on whether unicorns can fly?”
HANNITY (to LEVINE):  “You’re giving me a headache.”
Here’s how it works on Hannity’s show:
The Conservative can speak for 2 minutes uninterrupted.
The Liberal is only allowed yes or no questions.
The Conservative can state whatever he wants and his facts must be accepted unequivocally as true without any source necessary.
But if the Liberal demands that the Conservative give a source for his facts, the Conservative must refuse to give his alleged source and insult the liberal.
A Typical HANNITY/LEVINE exchange
HANNITY: “Tell me why all Americans hate Obama.”
LEVINE: “Well income inequality is causing Americans…
HANNITY (interrupting): I don’t want to hear your talking points. I want you to tell me why Obama is the worst President imaginable.
LEVINE: I don’t agree with you that..
HANNITY (interrupting): If you don’t agree with me, I’ll cut off your microphone and never invite you back. Your job as a guest on my show is to accept uncritically what I say while I insult you.
LEVINE: I don’t accept those terms. I believe in honest, reasonable…
HANNITY: Cut his mike! He went off script! Don’t let him come back on the show.
LEVINE: [not heard because Hannity turned his volume down]
I’m proud to say my radio shows are nothing like his. I believe in honest, reasonable dialogue where both sides have an opportunity to state their views and we sometimes even come to agreement. I’ve had “tea party conversions” on my show. But Hannity does his best to ensure that liberals on his show never get to express their views. Maybe he should consider taking over Putin Radio, except Russian Propaganda is fairer to its on-air guests. And I know. I’ve criticized Russia on Russian TV.

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