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Intelligence Failures

November 16, 2003

9/11 and Iraq
Did our intelligence agencies fail us? Or did the Bush Administration fail them?
Special guest Carrie Lemack, Founder and Vice President of Families of September 11

Re-Elect Bush?

November 9, 2003

(For archive, email Mark.)
Bush-Bashing: Justified or Irrational?
An evaluation of the Bush Administration one year before the 2004 Election
Special Guest: Bryan Styble of Radio Active Albuquerque (KNNS 1310)
One year from today, America will go to the polls for a referendum on its President George W. Bush.
On that day, millions of voters will examine the Bush record on the economy and on foreign policy, on schools, health care, the environment, religious freedom, and whatever issues they care about most.

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