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Re-Elect Bush?

November 9, 2003

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Bush-Bashing: Justified or Irrational?
An evaluation of the Bush Administration one year before the 2004 Election
Special Guest: Bryan Styble of Radio Active Albuquerque (KNNS 1310)
One year from today, America will go to the polls for a referendum on its President George W. Bush.
On that day, millions of voters will examine the Bush record on the economy and on foreign policy, on schools, health care, the environment, religious freedom, and whatever issues they care about most.

Some Americans will want to know what Bush is hiding. Why does he refuse to cooperate with the commission investigating what happened on 9/11? Why did the Bush Administration mislead us on Iraq? Were these serious misstatements “lies” or “mistakes”? Why won’t he admit to making a mistake? Why does he always blame others? Why doesn’t he fire the ones he blames? Why does he rewrite history instead of just admitting he was wrong?
They will also examine him personally. Is Bush truthful enough to be our President? Is he smart enough? Is he the bipartisan “uniter” he promised to be rather than a partisan “divider”? Is he an aw-shucks Regan-lite cowboy? Or a cynical politician who made money by defrauding others — the guy who bought a Texas ranch because his image people thought it looked good?
And…bottom line: Does George W. Bush care more about his rich friends or about you and me?
Join us for a lively discussion on the Bush Administration one year before the American People decide whether to keep it in power: that is, if Justice Scalia will relent and let the American People choose the President this time.
My guest was columnist, author, radio talk show host, and Bush supporter Bryan Styble of Radio Active Albuquerque (KNNS 1310) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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