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Political Manipulation of Science

February 29, 2004

Does the Bush Administration have any respect for truth?
Guest: Kevin Knobloch, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists
Government hires scientists all the time to help it decide what foods and drugs to regulate, what environmental protections are in order, and to resolve questions of global warming and workplace safety. Additionally, statisticians determine fundamental and important questions such as how many Americans are working or how many are homeless.

Gay Marriage

February 22, 2004

Should gay Americans have the same civil rights as straights?
It started in the Netherlands and other European countries. Then Canada allowed all of its citizens — even its gay citizens — to marry. A few months ago, the Massachusetts Supreme Court found that the Commonwealth could not deny its gay citizens the equal rights guaranteed them under the Massachusetts Constitution and ordered the State to issue marriage licenses to all its citizens in May 2004. Last weekend in San Francisco over Valentine’s Day, thousands of gay men and women have joyfully celebrated their marriages — the first women to marry had been together for 51 years — while right-wing groups have scrambled to try to get the courts to stop them.

Above the Law?

February 15, 2004

The Arrogance of Our One-Party Government
Justice Scalia goes duck hunting with Dick Cheney alone for hours, after taking a private jet supplied by an oil company that wants government favors. Scalia will return the favor this spring by ruling in Cheney’s favor, allowing Cheney to hide from the public the details of how oil companies and their lobbyists stacked Cheney’s Energy Commission. Scalia is a powerful man. He never has to recuse himself. After all, he ruled in 2000 that he and four friends get to choose who is President of the United States and the American People have no say in the matter.

Bush's Concealed Cocaine Charge?

February 14, 2004

Bush Press Secretary Refuses to Answer “Yes” or “No” on Court-Ordered Community Service. Could a Concealed Cocaine Charge Be the Reason?
If you’ve read my documented evidence of Bush’s absence without leave (AWOL) from the National Guard and my recent op-ed on this, you know that the heart of the question is why Bush refused a direct orderfrom the National Guard suspending his pilot’s license and ordering him to take a medical examination that included a drug test. Bush has never explained why he quit flying, but his refusal to say whether he was using cocaine at the time provides a clue. Another clue is the Houston community service that Bush performed in early 1973 — totally out of character for him — that provides a likely reason why Bush missed guard duty. Was this community service court ordered so as to expunge his cocaine charge?
Check out this amazing exchange yesterday between veteran political reporter Helen Thomas and Bush press secretary Scott McClellan. Why won’t McClellan give a simple “yes” or “no” to Thomas’s question?

Why Did Bush Quit Flying

February 10, 2004

Why Did Bush Quit Flying? And why won’t the Media Focus on It?
In all the stories written to date about Bush’s National Guard Service, few, if any, have focused on the undisputed record of the National Guard’s suspending Bush from flying obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
That the Texas Air National Guard grounded young George W. Bush — a fairly severe discipline — for “[f]ailure to accomplish annual military examination” has gotten little attention in a media more intent on finding out whether Bush was paid in the last half of 1972. Yet this little-exposed document is the key to understanding exactly what happened to Bush during the two years he decided to quit flying for the National Guard.

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