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We Must Stop the Republicans Who Are Threatening the Right of American Citizens to Vote!

October 31, 2004

(archived broadcast )
A CALL TO ARMS! (not literally arms, of course: Democrats don’t use violence, except as a last resort.)
Nationwide, the Republican Party has gone all out to stop the vote of hundreds of thousands of Americans who have a legal right to vote. They’re focusing on Blacks, poor people, and Democratic counties in Battleground States.

Secrecy, Lies, and the Bush Administration

October 29, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Now let me get this straight…. We went to war to prevent terrorists from obtaining a vial of anthrax that could kill dozens. And, in the process, the Bush Administration allowed terrorists to obtain from a previously-secure location 760,000 pounds of explosives, enough to kill more than 200 million people?
Have you seen the evidence from the Commander of the 101st Airborne that the Bush Administration lied when it said the 101st Airborne searched for the high-grade explosives?
No wonder the Bush Administration is the most secretive in American history. It makes the Nixon Administration look like “open government.”
What else are they covering up? And why?
Guests: Rick Blum, Director of and OMB Watch, who will give us THE INSIDE SCOOP on what the Bush Administration is hiding from the American People and former Marine and journalist David Morris, who was “embedded” with our troops and will report on the mountain of poorly secured munitions that can be used again U.S. soldiers and citizens.
And one more cover-up that has just come to light: The Bush Administration cancelled a 2002 plan to kill Iraqi terrorist Zarqawi Source: The Wall Street Journal, Army Vice Chief of Staff General John M. Keane and Bush’s National Security Director for Combating Terrorism Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, who said, “why didn’t we get that [‘son of a b-‘] when we could.” General Tommy Franks has also confirmed the substance of the story in his book, “American Story,” but refuses to comment now since he has endorsed Bush for President.

The Future of the Supreme Court

October 28, 2004

(archived broadcast )
The election is just five days away. And the news is fast and furious:
Minneapolis local news has video showing explosives at Al Qaqaa AFTER our troops conquered the area. With no guidance from commanders, the doors were left open for Iraqis to come in and take what they pleased. We will play the video to give you THE INSIDE SCOOP.
Republican operatives, like the Ku Klux Klan of old, are pulling out all stops to prevent Blacks from voting in Ohio and Florida and across the nation. Jim Crow is alive and well in the Republican Party which cheerfully admits to doing what amounts to a shameful violation of the Voting Rights Act and a repudiation of civil rights.
At Bush rallies, anyone who criticizes the President is immediately jailed and often beaten and fired from their jobs.
Yassir Arafat may well be dying of natural causes, perhaps the most hopeful sign for peace in the Middle East in decades.
Bush spokesmen do not deny the report in the Wall Street Journal that Bush overruled generals who wanted to attack and kill Iraqi terrorist Zarqawi.
And Chief Justice Rehnquist announced he has thyroid cancer, leading to speculation that he may not be on the bench for long.
There are so many things to discuss today on THE INSIDE SCOOP. Your calls will determine which topics we focus on. But our guest, Peter Montgomery, from People for the American Way is an expert on the Supreme Court and can detail for us what difference a Kerry Court or a Bush Court would make in our lives.
I know one big difference: a Kerry Court would NEVER take the right to vote and choose the President away from We the People.

Bush is NO Fiscal Conservative

October 27, 2004

(archived broadcast )
My guests are Congressman Bobby Scott, Democrat of Virginia who serves on the House Budget Committee, and former Congressman Michael Forbes, Republican of New York, who served on the House Appropriations Committee.
President Bush has given us the highest budget deficit in American history, just four years after President Clinton gave us the highest budget surplus in American history.
If you’re a fiscal conservative, your choice is clear: John Kerry.
So says the Executive Editor of The American Conservative
ALSO, IF TIME PERMITS, Mark reports on the secret and illegal Republican plan to prevent Blacks from voting in Ohio and Florida. 68,000 Floridians have ALREADY lost their right to vote.
AND a comment on the World Series: how the arrogance of the Yankees was their downfall — and will be for George Bush as well. Go Red Sox and Kerry!

Election Tuesday

October 26, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Mark debates Alan Nathan, nationally syndicated talk-show host and self-proclaimed “militant moderate,” who has declared his support for Bush.

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