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What Bush Was Saying Under his Breath

January 31, 2005

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In the recent White House Press Conference — an extremely rare event prior to the Election of 2004 — President Bush was asked about Iraq, torture, and social security. If you saw that press conference, you know that Bush did his best to avoid answering the tough questions.
But if you listen really closely to today’s broadcast, Mark will amplify the hidden truths Bush spoke under his breath. You see, there is, in fact, an honest side to our President. It’s just one he never shows publicly.
In today’s show, Mark will bring it out (and apologizes in advance for the lousy Texas accent).

Sunday Weekly Review

January 30, 2005

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– News on the Iraqi Elections
– The Death of Johnny Carson
– How Alberto Gonzales got Dubya out of Jury Service and Committed Perjury in the process
– More Examples of Secret Government Pay-Off to Journalists
– The Sixtieth Anniversary of Auschwitz, including a historical INSIDE SCOOP on acts done by the Vatican during the Holocaust that Rome most assuredly does not want you to know
– And anything you bring up when you call in…

THE INSIDE SCOOP on U.S. Foreign Policy

January 27, 2005

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Guest: Senior US Diplomat and Army Colonel Ann Wright, who resigned to protest the Bush Administration’s policies “making the world a more dangerous, not a safer place” will discuss:
1) The up-coming Iraqi elections and the US plan for Iraq;
2) The diversion of resources from the War on Terror in Afghanistan to the War in Iraq at a time when the War on Terror is not complete;
3) The overstretching of the Military and the National Guard;
4) And any other comments you have on US military and foreign policy.

All the President's Men and Women

January 26, 2005

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To work for the Bush Administration, you need to demonstrate:
– unswerving loyalty,
– studied blindness in the face of overwhelming facts to the contrary,
– ample creativity in cherrypicking what small tidbits of truth support the Administration’s agenda,
– contempt for the “quaint archaic niceties” of the Law and the United States Constitution,
– a firm belief that the President and everyone that works for him is above the Law,
– a quick dismissal of any criticism, whether constructive or not,
– an unthinking rejection of any policy that does not come from the White House, no matter how well intentioned,
– no hesitation at punishing the grunts at the bottom for following orders at the top that receive bad press,
– unabashed hypocrisy,
– an ability to tell blatant falsehoods with verve and conviction,
– a passion for absolute secrecy and unaccountability, and
– above everything else, never never NEVER admit a mistake
Powell, O’Neil, and Whitman did not share these traits. They were kicked out.
But Gonzales, Rice, Chertoff, Bolton, and Rumsfeld fit the bill just fine…

Debate Tuesday

January 25, 2005

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Guest: Jim Parmelee, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican Political Action Committee and President of Republicans United for Tax Relief
The First LIVE Televised INSIDE SCOOP!
200,000 homes in Northern Virginia can now access the SCOOP on live television on Cox Cable Channel 10.

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