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How We Could Protect the Right to Vote

January 10, 2005

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Guest: Michael North, President of North Communications which specializes in public access touchscreens, wireless internet, and internet security. Michael North also was instrumental in the 2001 challenge to the Florida Presidential Electors and the 2005 challenge to the Ohio slate.
North has a plan for “Universal Voting by ATMs” that, he claims, would prevent fraud and restore confidence in American voting. Check out North’s plan by clicking USA-Vote: A Proposal for Universal Voting.

The Most Dangerous Country in the World

January 9, 2005

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Not Iraq. Not Afghanistan.
It’s Iran. And we’re doing nothing about it.
PLUS Mark’s comments on the Palestinian Elections today and why he hopes the expected winner, Mahmoud Abbas, is a colossal liar.

Challenging the Ohio Electors

January 7, 2005

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Special Friday Show!
History happened yesterday, and I was there. For the first time since 1876, Congress challenged a slate of Presidential electors.
I happen to know a good deal about challenges to Presidential Electors on the Floor of Congress. I drafted the challenge to Bush’s first term which was heard on Janury 6, 2001 and featured in Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11.
Today, we’ll discuss how the challenge works legally, the goals of the 2005 challenge, and whether there is any hope in this country for electoral reform.
–Mark Levine

Debate Tuesday: Bush's Second-Term Agenda

January 4, 2005

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Mark debates THE INSIDE SCOOP’s favorite Republican, State Chair of Utah College Republicans Tom Robins, fresh from the new Utah Governor’s inauguration.

Inside Scoop on Television!

January 2, 2005

Starting in January 2005, THE INSIDE SCOOP is expected to be televised live in Northern Virginia to approximately 200,000 homes who receive Cox Cable.

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