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Bribery in Congress

November 30, 2005

Guest: Faiz Shakir, Deputy Editor of the Progress Report at the Center for American Progress
As the Jack Abramoff payoff scandal widens, it seems that many Republican Members of Congress in the highest positions of power were on the take, including the chairmen of powerful committees. It’s not just Former Majority Leader Tom Delay…

Two-Hour Debate Tuesday

November 29, 2005

Guest: Fellow TalkStar Radio Host Jim Greenfield
The first hour Mark is the guest of the Jim Greenfield Show. The second hour Jim is the guest on THE INSIDE SCOOP.

Sunday Weekly Review

November 27, 2005

Two questions today:
1) Did the Bush Administration mean to tell us lies to get us into the Iraq War or were the untruths just an innocent case of “Oops, we got you into war”?
This National Journal article makes a strong case for deliberate manipulation. Read the article for THE INSIDE SCOOP on the still-secret September 21, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing.
2) Is it time to leave Iraq?
To those who say, “Stay the course. This is no time to explore the wisdom of the course we took!”, I say, “If you find yourself at the bottom of a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.”

Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2005

Darth Cheney: A Man Who Loves Treason, Torture, and the Dark Side of the Force

November 22, 2005

Darth Lord Regent Dick Cheney only needs a mask and heavy breathing to rival Darth Vader as the Master of the Dark Side of the Force.
A traitor to his country, the evil and brilliant Dark Lord Cheney nonetheless rules its weak puppet-President, obedient Prince George II (“Dubya”) with an iron fist. Under Cheney’s rule, a nation that was once a light unto others now ranks as one of the most despised.
Tonight, we focus on Darth Cheney, Master of Torture, who hates daylight and shrinks from oversight, but spies on his fellow citizens in the name of “patriotism” with all the mastery at the disposal of his Evil Empire.
Will Harry Reid Skywalker and Obi 1 McCain end Darth Cheney’s Reign of Terror?

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