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Week in Review

September 27, 2007

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– “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” (a new rallying cry and, in contrast with Columbia, the WRONG way to deal with free speech)
– The Republican Filibuster of Habeas Corpus (Presumably, their next step is to repeal the Bill of Rights?)
– Remembering the Jena Six (a contemporary primer on racism in the USA and the apparently self-unaware American racists who still cannot see the obvious)
– Dan Rather Seeks Vindication (Yeah, the particular documents may have been forged, but the overall story was true. Bush DID receive favorable treatment in the National Guard and did go AWOL when ordered to take a drug test. In this February 2004 report, Mark has the facts AND documents.
– Hamas Strengthens its Rule Over Gaza (brutally suppressing dissent by Fatah and other Palestinians)
Did Israel bomb a Syrian Nuclear Plant? (Syria says no. Israel’s not talking).
– Debate over SCHIP (Health care for 10 million uninsured American children or 41 days in Iraq? Where should our money go?)

Ahmadinejad in America

September 25, 2007

– A celebration of free speech at Columbia University, as the Iranian President makes an idiot of himself, most famously denying the existence of gay people in Iran. Three cheers to Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger, both for allowing Ahmadinejad to speak and for seriously confronting him, perhaps for the first time in Ahmadinejad’s life

(Speaking of Gays in Iran, he Canadian Broadcasting Company just three months ago did a terrific piece, Inside Iran’s Secret Gay World, “the most vulnerable civil rights movement in the world” where gay men are raped by the Iraninan police, tortured and executed.)

Virginia 2007: A Bellweather for Election 2008?

September 19, 2007

VIDEO / Audio Archive

Guests: Virginia Democrat George Burke and Republican Mike Lane

Corporate Thieves and Corrupt Justice in the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine

September 18, 2007

Guest: Lieutenant Eric Shine is being punished for trying to stop private companies from stealing taxpayer dollars in the merchant marine. With our Government contracting out “justice” to the very corporate thieves ripping off taxpayers, Shine has a tough road ahead.

The Baltimore Sun recently reported on the inappropriate pressure the Coast Guard puts on its courts to rule in its favor in Justice Capsized?: “Judge Jeffie J. Massey, who retired this year, said in a sworn statement that she was told by Chief Judge Joseph N. Ingolia to always rule in the Coast Guard’s favor and came under intense pressure when she did not.”

Debating Iraq After Petraeus

September 17, 2007

VIDEO of show / Audio Archive
Guest: Republican Strategist Mike Lane

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