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Ahmadinejad in America

September 25, 2007

– A celebration of free speech at Columbia University, as the Iranian President makes an idiot of himself, most famously denying the existence of gay people in Iran. Three cheers to Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger, both for allowing Ahmadinejad to speak and for seriously confronting him, perhaps for the first time in Ahmadinejad’s life

(Speaking of Gays in Iran, he Canadian Broadcasting Company just three months ago did a terrific piece, Inside Iran’s Secret Gay World, “the most vulnerable civil rights movement in the world” where gay men are raped by the Iraninan police, tortured and executed.)

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  • madfuq September 27, 2007 4:39 pm

    I am so sick of the Jr. High School mentality of the current administration and their propoganda machine. We need some adult thinking to get us out of the mess the current childish behavior has placed our entire country in. It is sickening the petty bickering that goes on not only in our government but in our populace that swallows the sacharin BS they are fed along with a heavy dose of fear mongering.
    The whole lot of them are hypocrits and refuse to do the job we have elected them to do. I get just as angry and the democrats that let the repukes call their agenda. We need legistlators that represent us not some business plan by corporations.
    It is time to get the money out of polotics and if that would happen we might get reps that really do a good job for the country not the corporations!
    Just think if there were no influence from the mega corporation what a different the mind set in Washington would be. What is doublely disgusting is the welfare they get at the expense of the people and then they hide offshore to not even pay their fair share. What a mess!

  • Robt September 27, 2007 1:33 am

    I understand that Republican Representative and GOP presidential Primary candidate Duncan Hunter & Senator Jon Kyl has offered up a Bill with Joe Lieberman to defund Columbia University.
    :Hunter Warns Columbia University to Cancel Invitation to Iranian President
    “If President Lee Bollinger follows through with this hosting of the leader of Iran, I will move in Congress to cut off every single type of Federal Funding to Columbia University.”
    Why won’t these Repubs care to defund Haliburton that does business with Iran? With Libya when they were off limits ?
    What of China and Russia that do oil business with Iran ? What of any country getting any oil from Iran, Rep Hunter?
    Why doesn’t (R) Representative Duncan Hunter have anything to say to his own political Party’s President of the United States for approving the Iranian leaders request to appear at Columbia University. Bush disapproved the Irani leaders request to visit Ground Zero? You know Bush approved the visit to Columbia U. Why?
    To make some hay out of liberals? Ahmadinejad
    was greeted with one of the best speechs he could have recieved. ” A petty little dictator ” Ahmadinejad was refered to in the opening greeting.
    Will the republicans really try to vote to defund Columbia U, and how would you ask your legislator(s) to vote ?

  • Robt September 25, 2007 3:10 pm

    Bush and republicans pretty much deny and suppress anything Gay.
    Was Ahmadinthehead’s denial of gays in Iran that far from many in America?
    It is some sort of “moral disgust denial” isn’t it. They really know it exists. The addmitting it causes them too much conflict and loss of demonizing for personal power support by those that hate like wise.
    I can speculate that Ahmadinthehead uses gay baiting for his political arousing of supporters in Iran as the GOP does here in America.
    I was disheartened when an interviewer did not repond to Ahmadinthehead’s comment that he believes in free speech. The interviewer should have asked him to define free speech, explain its use in Iran, and who is accorded such speech in Iran ?
    But, here we did offer up free speech. Although there were some American’s that care not to display free speech.
    And America is stronger for it.

  • Robt September 25, 2007 2:56 pm

    So what was the horrible price America paid for allowing Ah-mad-in-the-head to speak at the university?
    I’ve watched some of his interviews.
    I find that America is being controlled of what to think of him and Iran.
    I commend the University for having him speak that American’s can determine for themselves their conclusions of him and Iran under his rule.
    It is ashame the press doesn’t provide us more honesty and free reporting that we might decide for ourselves and not have to pay tax dollars for a “Decider ‘n Commander Guy “. We could decide for ourselves and the President can be President (of the people) not my decider.
    One thing I took from the Ahmadinthehead comments is thatt Bush and Ahmadinejad are about the same when it comes to their espousing and living their two religions. They both use religion as a controlling tool of the masses.