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Politics in the Red Zone: What Democrats Can Learn From Football

December 17, 2007

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Guest Author A.F. Cook argues that Democrats don’t have to change their views but need the perception of being “regular guys” in order to win elections. Democrats, unlike Republicans, do support the underdog. But like Bush, who bought his Crawford Ranch in 2000 to play “ranchhand,” learning how to fake blue-collar values is 90% of the perception battle.

The Rise of Obama and Huckabee

December 13, 2007


UPDATE: Although I intended to talk about Obama and Huckabee and do in the last quarter of the hour, most of this show is properly labeled, “Do Nothing, Congress! Part 2”

Today is the last Presidential debate of 2007. And there has been a steady rise in Democratic support for Barack Obama and Republican support for Mike Huckabee. Both men have an uphill battle for the White House. But what does this excitement and support for each of them say about their respective parties?

It says that the Democratic Party is full of young, idealistic voters who want to be inspired again by their Government and the Promise of America as a place for Peace, Prosperity, Celebration of Diversity, Prudent Fiscal Management, and Equal Opportunity for All. They are excited by the fresh face of a new generation and believe Obama breaks free from Government as Usual.

And that the Republican Party is full of Fundamentalist Christians who want a more “Christian”, theocratic Government inspired by the Promise of their peculiar (and historically inaccurate) version of Jesus Christ, a place where Women and Gay People are Punished for Having Sex, where Neighbors Mistrust and Spy on Each Other, where the Rich Become Richer and the Poor Become Poorer, and Where Everlasting War and Massive Debt eventually lead to the Rapture.

There are plenty of more mainstream Democrats and Republicans who don’t necessarily share these ideas, but it is telling just where the excitement and inspiration in each Party lies.

More Mass Shootings, Another Debate on Guns

December 12, 2007


This time it’s Omaha, Colorado Springs, and Denver. Last time it was Virginia Tech. Before that was Columbine.

Guests Larry Pratt, Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America and Brian Siebel Senior Attorney, Legal Action Project for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence debate whether easier access of Americans to deadly weapons — or more limited access — makes America safer.

Please Do Nothing, Congress!

December 11, 2007


In their zeal to “get something done,” this Democratic Congress is bowing way too much to satisfy Bush’s every whim. Bush says he will not sign a single spending bill (i.e., shut down the Government) unless the useless War in Iraq is funded without preconditions and, incredibly, the Democrats are giving in.

Please, Democrats, do nothing! Nothing is highly preferable to another year of satisfying Bush and the Republicans. Do nothing and your opinion ratings will go up. Do nothing and people will understand who the real obstructionists to progress are.

Since Georgie and the Republicans won’t play ball with you, TAKE YOUR BALL AND GO HOME! Nancy and Harry, are you listening?

Censorship at Press TV and the End of the "American Dream"

December 7, 2007

Many of you have remarked upon the fact that I am no longer hosting the ATN/PressTV Show, “The American Dream.” You have a right to know what happened.
I was originally told I could host any topic without censorship dealing with American policies and politics, domestic or foreign, including even a show on the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as long as it was relevant to the USA.
So when the Iranian President came to speak in New York, I proposed a show with four of the best Persian scholars in the USA discussing the Iranian President and his American trip. The panelists that agreed to do the show had varying points of view, some quite praiseworthy of Mr. Ahmadinejad and some quite critical.
Although I specifically asked permission to do the show on this topic and was granted it, one hour before the show was scheduled to air live, the show was cancelled with no explanation given. I was later told that Press TV would not allow me to discuss the topic.
Shortly after that, I was fired. I was promised a new censor-free show, “Inside America,” to air on PressTV, but these promises have yet to be fulfilled.  I will not re-host a show on PressTV (or anywhere else) unless I am free to invite guests critical of any Government’s policies, whether it be the USA or Iran or any other country.
It sure looks like censorship to me.

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