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July 9, 2008

In the street, among police, and in Government, there is a code that prevents people from turning in wrongdoers.
And it’s wrong.

Flip Flops

July 8, 2008

Audio Only

McCain changes policies.
Obama changes emphases.
And the right-wing media blames them both.

The United States and Iran

July 3, 2008

No easy answers, as Seymour Hersh makes clear in the New Yorker:

Happy Independence Day!

July 2, 2008

That’s right. I said it. Independence Day. On this day, 232 years ago, the Continental Congress declared the United Colonies “Free and Independent States”, no longer under British control. (The Declaration of Independence was approved two days later. And it got all the fireworks.)
Today, myths about American Independence and how they relate to the events of today (like the Millionaires Amendment and the Gun Ban). The common thread is that history is told by the powerful, not the truthful.
PLUS why I SUPPORT Obama’s faith-based initiative, even though I played a major role in killing Bush’s faith-based initiative.

Activist Judges Overturn DC Gun Ban

July 1, 2008

The Hypocrisy of Antonin Scalia, Part 2

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