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Gaza and the Right of Self-Defense

December 30, 2008

Tonight’s show on WPFW I asked listeners to explore the crisis from every point of view:
Does Israel have the right to self-defense?
Does Hamas help the Palestinians when it shoots its rockets at Israeli citizens?
Is there any good option here?

Merry Christmas, Gaza

December 21, 2008

[This was posted five days before Israel responded to Hamas’ attacks.]

Gaza attacked Israel again, raining more than 200 missiles on Israeli civilians last week. It got very little news, perhaps because Arab terrorism on Israelis is so common as to be expected in the media. I fear that Israel’s self-defense, in contrast, will be well covered. But it should be clear there is no moral equivalence. Hamas is trying to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible; Israel is trying to stop these attacks, by attacking the terrorists who shoot the missiles, while killing as few Arab civilians as possible.

The most serious victims of the Hamas Terrorist State of Gaza, of course, are not Israelis but the Arabs who live there and will continue to suffer miserably. There will be no peace in Gaza until Hamas is overthrown.

Throwing the Shoe at George Bush

December 21, 2008

Mark appeared on WPFW to discuss the show throwing incident, George Bush, and his legacy.

Regulate Wall Street Now!

December 18, 2008

Why did Bernie Madoff succeed in the largest Ponzi (pyramid) scheme in world history?
Why did Enron and oil speculators get away with manipulating energy prices?
Why is our economy in depression due to AAA-rated gambling (known as credit derivative swaps)?
All because auditors and ratings agencies are paid by the very people they’re told to monitor.
Yes, the cops are paid by the Mafia, and we’re surprised they’re crooked?

In Defense of Unions

December 17, 2008

Unions have a long history of supporting liberal causes.
Which is why Republicans are determined to destroy them.
ALSO filling empty seats in the Senate
in Delaware, Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and (coming soon) Colorado

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