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In Defense of Unions

December 17, 2008

Unions have a long history of supporting liberal causes.
Which is why Republicans are determined to destroy them.
ALSO filling empty seats in the Senate
in Delaware, Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and (coming soon) Colorado

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  • Robt December 30, 2008 12:46 pm

    An idea I heard somewhere,
    Have the Gov’t order postal delivery vehicles from the Big three.
    Have each develop vehicle for the post offices throughout America.
    -Battery operated vehicles for postal delivery around metro areas.
    -Hybrid postal vehicles to delivery in rural & urban areas.
    -Develop electric or Hybrid vehicles to transport mail city to city (long distance traveling.
    Order these vehicles and apply them to the U.S> Postal Service across America. By putting them in use. The public can see the reliability, economics, usefulness of these alternative fuel vehicles.
    It helps the auto industry in its sales, in its development, etc.
    It begins a reduction of fossil fuel use in every city across the nation.
    Can’t remember where I heard this idea. But it is a sound one. Is more to the point than a bridge loan.
    It also makes the call to the industry via market forces to engineer in the futures direction away from combustion engines.
    I like this idea think congress should consideer it as legislation.
    Let the Gov’t ante up on what they been preaching.

  • Jeffrey December 21, 2008 1:49 pm

    Great show. That 25 MPG Model T was one fact I didn’t know. I will have to share it. I only recently found out that they were flex fuel. Now the oil industry is trying to stymie bio-fuel the same way they did decades ago — by claiming that it will raise fuel prices. I don’t believe it for a second. Has the price of sugar skyrocketed in Brazil sine they started exporting ethanol?
    But the most amazing fact I learned this year was that Phyllis Diller used to ride around in an electric car when she was a kid — and it wasn’t an uncommon thing! I learned this in “Who Killed The Electric Car?” How has this become such buried knowledge?

  • madfuq December 18, 2008 6:01 pm

    Unions are a threat to the repub mind set of the elite should rule we masses. Unions are a voice for the working man barganing with the corporate lawyers and advisors for just the corporate bottom line the almighty dollar. Plus if you keep the worker in his place and hungry and needy he won’t speak his mind and aspire to get ahead. Therefore more threat to those who think they are royal!

  • AK December 18, 2008 2:24 pm

    Your show was fantastic today and your eloquence in stating where the conservatives wanted to enslave America and almost succeeded in the last eight years was well put. Here in WV it seems I either grew up with blinders on or I was just a clueless idiot that thought that one day with the union’s help that any person had the right to become a part of fellowship of miners, carpenters, millwrights, and medicine. What I had been brought up with was men, women, and children being taught what it meant to be own by the company store and what “snake eyes” by the end of the month meant to your family. It used to be if the company doctor came and found a miner too injured or ill to work the company dismissed them immediately so they could fill the vacancy and left no means to an end for the miner and his family.
    West Virginia has forgotten her history as well as the immigrants who settled here and what was born in coal will die with the same and the sacrifice will bear a strong resemblance to an old saying which goes, “in the mines a mule is worth more than a man.” UMWA Miners circa 1970” The older miners remembering what it was like working in the mid 19th century and how work had progressed from their kins’ time before them. Yet now WV lets the companies come and destroy what little she had left to give and leave us with a continued shrinking grid of where a person might have property without worry of MTR paving a path to their door. I wonder where deep vein miners would side with the MTR heavy equipment operators ,who’s companies such as Massey Energy will hire out-of-state crews to come and work a strip job’ then leave the locals with a mess that no human could never improve on.
    Thank you for reminding people who really represents them and offers hope for a better future. That if we just work together for human rights then what has become the norm for the last eight years, which is psychological war fare on our country and her children, will just become another tragic tale of our world’s history and may never be repeated again.
    Thanks again Mark for all you do.