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Israel has the Right to Self-Defense: Mark on SIRIUS

May 31, 2010

Mark defends Israel’s right to self-defense — including preventing the arming of the terrorist group Hamas which brutually reigns over neighboring Gaza — on Mark Thompson’s show “Make it Plain” on Sirius at 5:30 pm ET.
Before trying to ram the Israeli blockade, the so-called “humanitarian” participants chanted “Death to Jews.” They did so by invoking “Khaibar”, the last Jewish town in Arabia where, in the Seventh Century, the “prophet” Muhammed led a band of Muslims to brutally murder and later expel all the Jewish inhabitants. The chant is “Khaibar, Khaibar ya Yahood.” In other words, we’ll do to the Jews (massacre and expel) what we did in the Seventh Century.

Here’s a photo of one man on the ship with a knife who allegedly attacked an Israeli soldier bordering for inspection:

The videos below show pro-Hamas activists attacking Israeli soldiers on a ship trying to run the Israeli blockade. The Israeli soldiers warned the six ships trying to break the blockade that they could not go to Gaza without submitting to an inspection to prevent the ships from arming the Hamas terrorists that regularly fire deadly rockets into Israeli villages and schools. The activists were invited to stop at the Israeli port of Ashdod where, they were told, any humanitarian aid they wanted to deliver would be allowed, after being inspected to prevent arms, rocket parts, and other material from reaching the terrorists who rule Gaza with an iron fist. Five ships submitted to the inspection without incident. One, the Mavi Marmara, responded with violence.
When the Mavi Marmara refused to submit to the inspection and then beat and tried to kill the Israelis conducting the inspection, the Israeli soldiers responded: first with riot gear. Only after one soldier lay unconscious and another was shot by people on board the ship did the soldiers shoot back with live ammunition.

And who are the ships designed to aid?
Hamas, an organization that has vowed to drink the blood of Jews.
Hamas, an organization that will not allow free elections in Gaza, because it’s supported by a mere 27% of the population there.

The Arizona Immigration Law is Unconstitutional

May 30, 2010

“We always know we’ve hit stride
when Mark pulls out his Constitution.”

— Megyn Kelly

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May 30, 2010

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May 29, 2010

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