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“Muslims Killed Us on 911″Bill O’Reilly v. Mark Levine

January 4, 2012

“Muslims killed us on 911.” — Bill O’Reilly on the View

Bill’s statement on The View was offensive. And while I appreciate the fact that he apologized afterward, I hope he will never make such a statement again.

What are statements equivalent to this one?

“Christians committed the Holocaust.”

“Christians bomb abortion facilities and murder doctors.”

“A Christian bombed the Olympics in the name of Christianity.”

“A Jew committed a massacre at Hebron.”

“Blacks committed the vicious Washington sniper attacks.”

“Whites committed the horrific Oklahoma City attacks.”

Now all of these statements are true.
And all are unfair.


Because not all Christians supported the Holocaust, even though millions did. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of European Catholics did little or nothing to stop the murders because a substantial minority of them supported the death camps and the gassing. (I worked for a brief time as a “Nazi-hunter” for the Department of Justice.) I know that Pat Buchanan’s father and Joe Kennedy’s father and Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford were all Nazi supporters or antisemites who considered themselves “good Christians.”

But is it fair to tar all Christians for the actions of a few? Of course not.

The number of Christian extremist terrorists today is thankfully small, although they are still a threat to abortion clinics. Scott Roeder, a Christian extremist terrorist, killed Dr. George Tiller just last year. Hundreds of abortion clinics have been bombed.

Would it be fair for a bombed-out abortion clinic to protest that a Church should not be built two blocks away? If it were an Army of God or Hutaree Church, then I’d say yes. I would say while it is their constitutional right to build, an Army of God/Hutaree Church should not be built near a bombed-out abortion clinic because they preach hatred, evil, and murder.

But if it’s a moderate normal Church, then the abortion clinic shouldn’t mind.
After all, moderate normal Christians are not terrorists.

And neither are moderate, normal Muslims.

Just as millions of Christians lost their lives in the Holocaust, we know at least 70 innocent Muslim victims lost their lives to the vicious terrorists of 911. The killers were evil because they were mass murderers of innocents. They were not evil because they professed Islam. And any decent Muslim would reject the terrorists’ form of Islam. Just as any decent Christian would reject the “Christianity” of the people that gassed children in concentration camps all across Europe less than 70 years ago.

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