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Crazy Health-Care Costs [LM]

February 25, 2013

This Time Magazine Article will be the focus of tonight’s show: Bitter Pill: Why Health Care Costs Are Killing Us
My guest is Health-Care Consultant Stefan Boyland, whose job it is to cut out the fat in all areas of health care and to give health-care consumers a fair break.

Sequester, Health Costs, Guns, Syria [Inside Scoop TV]

February 24, 2013


GLBT v. Evangelicals: Mutual Fear and Misunderstanding [IS]

February 22, 2013

My guest is Tim Kurek, who was raised in such an ultra-religious family that they “considered Jerry Falwell a liberal.” Tim went underground in the gay community after a friend came out to him. He pretended to be gay and came away with some realizations that surprised him.
I also discuss health care costs and Obamacare based on this highly revealing article in TIME Magazine.
Unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction, this show did not record properly. For the first half hour or so, you can hear only Tim and not the questions I asked him. I have removed most of the “empty sound” consisting of when I was talking, so you can only hear Tim for the first 27 minutes.
The last hour and ten minutes of the show — the second file attached — functions perfectly.

What Do We Do About Syria? [RTV]

February 22, 2013


Post Office and Chris Dorner [IS]

February 15, 2013
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