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April 23, 2015

Fracking is very dangerous…
The U.S. Geological Survey released a report this week linking the oil and gas industry’s practice of “waterwaste disposal” to the sharp increase of earthquakes in Oklahoma.
According to a story by Yahoo News’ Michael Walsh, “The seismicity rate in Oklahoma is about 600 times greater than it was before 2008, around the time dewatering started in the state.
Just last year, 585 magnitude 3+ earthquakes hit Oklahoma — compared with 109 in 2013.”

Attacking Hillary; Ignoring Jeb Bush — Another Day on Hannity Radio

April 23, 2015

If Hillary Clinton Must Disclose Donors, Shouldn't Jeb Bush Do the Same? [IS]

April 22, 2015

The GOP complained about Hillary Clinton’s lack of transparency with the Clinton charity.  Yet, they make no mention of Jeb Bush’s massive, anonymous, and tax-exempt PAC.  Hypocrisy at it’s finest!
I explain why each problem is not ‘equally bad,’ yet we can eliminate both of them with REAL campaign finance reform.  I also tangle with a caller who says he has a problem with Hillary’s lack of transparency, yet he openly states that he’s completely fine with all political donations being made in secret. Yes, really!!

Why was Freddie Gray even arrested? [IS]

April 21, 2015

25-year-old Freddie Gray of Baltimore, an African American male, died of a severe spinal cord injury he sustained in Police custody after being arrested. But, what is not getting a lot of attention is why Baltimore Police arrested him in the first place. According to reports, Gray saw the police, and then started running. Not necessarily recommended, but also not illegal, or grounds alone to stop someone.

Tales of a Citizen Activist, Part 2 [IS]

April 20, 2015

I transition from flushing my Mother’s cigarettes down the toilet at age 5, and walking out of a racist Country Club at age 8, to the toughest challenge of my life.  My sister, who was 33 years old at the time, was murdered by her husband.  He evaded justice and was able to keep their children for 10 years, in part because Tennessee law did not count abuse of a spouse as a strike against a parent’s right to custody of their children.  That led me to write the first law of my life.
Through that long and painful fight, I was able to get justice for my sister. Her husband is now serving a 56 year prison term for her murder.  Also, their children are now in the custody of my parents, and are both growing up in a safe and loving home. In addition to going over the details of this story, I take some terrific and interesting calls. I discuss with those callers what happened in their lives to encourage them to change the world and make it better.

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