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9/11 Coverup

July 10, 2005

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OK. Alex Jones didn’t convince me that Bush intentionally caused 9/11. But my guest today, investigative reporter Peter Lance has some solid evidence backing up his contentions in his new book, Cover Up: What the Government is Still Hiding About the War on Terror (#12 on the Amazon best seller list) that the Government is still covering up information about the deadly terrorist attack that has been subsequently used by the Bush Administration to justify practically everything…

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  • jeff m. July 13, 2005 1:33 am

    Can we all play a little hypothetical game together,just for fun?
    The following story is to put into perspective the diabolical nature of the type of “beast” we all may be facing…and what a veiw from the inside might look like(in a hypothetical environment I remind you)………..
    For the sake of this adventure,we will suppose all of us are working for a top Space program,having planned a great event with all the prior knowledge anyone would ever need to pull it off (an inside job to spell it out)………….
    We could perhaps send a missle into outer space,claiming we were simply investigating the origins of space,as we blew a massive chunk out of a free floating “temple of stone”,casting it back to earth(…but the explosion was bigger than we even thought it might be…how do we cover all of this,the inside job,the unexpected,unforseen dangers…a real problem,but could we even tell the public?? even if we were only on the “outside” of operations?) to coincide with our Space Schuttle orbit,…..(it would be beneficial for us,the space program has been losing money for years…….ecspecially if we also claimed the “natural comet dust”(HEHEHEHE)disrupted all of our communcations systems,as well as forcing an early landing of the Space Schuttle,we really do need better equiptment and more people to run things,the funding would keep us all working til retirement easily,while the taxpayers paying the bills would thank us,and beg us to keep them safe from further “events” ,really its just too much…but I am sure they will buy it hook line and sinker…just what to do about the unforseen,the incalculable factors we never planned for…we did plan for the “dust” to hit mid-sea,some damage factor,but too far away from the homes of those watching the evening news to identify or be concerned with…and since the “comet” sent back to Earth is bigger than we even thought,we will probably be able to play the simpathy card on the public…over the “missing at sea”….and the frenzies of sharks…either way …I guess we win….right?
    Of course its only a poetic notion,yet an accurate assessment of possiblity,in a fictional reality non the less. And truth as it turns out,may well indeed be,stranger than fiction!

  • jeff m.j July 12, 2005 8:50 pm

    Unless missing your favorite TV show,or continued play until you find the next “save spot” on your video game is more important than the future of this very nation….in which case ,By all means,just keep doing as you are!
    (you could almost cut that sarcasm with a knife huh?)

  • jeff m. July 12, 2005 8:46 pm

    My comments were not really aimed at Peter Lance,but rather to the general audience at large,or in other words….”we the people”.
    In all that I have said and done here,Mark (everyone),I have only been trying to get the common people like myself,to get actively involved in making a difference!
    No matter if they (Govt.) are merely incompetent,or in fact vicious,sick,evil,sadistic,heartless scum-of-the-Earth,we ought to be holding them accountable for their actions,or non action,as the case may be!
    For the most part,Mr. Lance and myself see eye to eye on many things,I’ll be honest about that….but the fact still remains that those who took part in the issue,by cover up,or active invlovement,are STILL RUNNING THE GOVT!
    And no matter how you see the evidence,that is a problem that absolutely demands our undivided attention!

  • Mark Levine July 12, 2005 6:56 pm

    Jeff…your logic is accurate that if our Government committed 9/11, they would work to cover it up. But it is also true that if our Government negligently allowed 9/11 to occur, they would work to cover it up. Proof of a cover up is proof of substantial wrongdoing but it does not, in and of itself, show complicity in the act (nor does it prove lack of complicity).
    Did you hear Peter Lance? I don’t think he completely relieves all the guilty from any kind of justice.” Not in the least. Do you think so?

  • jeff m. July 12, 2005 6:53 pm