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All the President's Men and Women

January 26, 2005

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To work for the Bush Administration, you need to demonstrate:
– unswerving loyalty,
– studied blindness in the face of overwhelming facts to the contrary,
– ample creativity in cherrypicking what small tidbits of truth support the Administration’s agenda,
– contempt for the “quaint archaic niceties” of the Law and the United States Constitution,
– a firm belief that the President and everyone that works for him is above the Law,
– a quick dismissal of any criticism, whether constructive or not,
– an unthinking rejection of any policy that does not come from the White House, no matter how well intentioned,
– no hesitation at punishing the grunts at the bottom for following orders at the top that receive bad press,
– unabashed hypocrisy,
– an ability to tell blatant falsehoods with verve and conviction,
– a passion for absolute secrecy and unaccountability, and
– above everything else, never never NEVER admit a mistake
Powell, O’Neil, and Whitman did not share these traits. They were kicked out.
But Gonzales, Rice, Chertoff, Bolton, and Rumsfeld fit the bill just fine…

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  • J. Newshound February 5, 2005 10:53 am

    Oh Tracie–I thought you were speaking from experience–but you prove my point–you’re the type of person who will criticize the painter without looking at his paintings–the blog is like charcoal sketching
    Oh Tracie–don’t be afraid to open your mind–you might find out, what you call vulgarity–is just being free
    The Other Side
    Spit, pis, shit, sweat, bleed, puke, ejaculate,
    react to your earthly stimuli.
    Laugh, cry, live, die,
    The bastards say this is all there is,
    but they haven’t been to the other side.
    On the other side of this veil of fears and tears, is a dimension of tranquility,
    where true destiny waits,
    Waits for you with all your scurried emotions,
    To refocus them and shape your being into a body of light.
    I’ve been there and back,
    I know it’s there.
    Even as you ask, where?
    All your questions will be answered without words,
    All your questions will be their own answers,
    And will be redundant to the constant energy that surrounds, seeps through, and permeates you.
    Urgency eludes you,
    And you rejoice that you just be,
    away from your earthly stimuli.

  • Tracie February 4, 2005 9:47 pm

    Sorry to burst your bubble Johnny boy, but no, I did not read your books; I read enough of you here on this blog.