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“Muslims Killed Us on 911″Bill O’Reilly v. Mark Levine

January 4, 2012

“Muslims killed us on 911.” — Bill O’Reilly on the View

Bill’s statement on The View was offensive. And while I appreciate the fact that he apologized afterward, I hope he will never make such a statement again.

What are statements equivalent to this one?

“Christians committed the Holocaust.”

“Christians bomb abortion facilities and murder doctors.”

“A Christian bombed the Olympics in the name of Christianity.”

“A Jew committed a massacre at Hebron.”

“Blacks committed the vicious Washington sniper attacks.”

“Whites committed the horrific Oklahoma City attacks.”

Now all of these statements are true.
And all are unfair.


Because not all Christians supported the Holocaust, even though millions did. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of European Catholics did little or nothing to stop the murders because a substantial minority of them supported the death camps and the gassing. (I worked for a brief time as a “Nazi-hunter” for the Department of Justice.) I know that Pat Buchanan’s father and Joe Kennedy’s father and Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford were all Nazi supporters or antisemites who considered themselves “good Christians.”

But is it fair to tar all Christians for the actions of a few? Of course not.

The number of Christian extremist terrorists today is thankfully small, although they are still a threat to abortion clinics. Scott Roeder, a Christian extremist terrorist, killed Dr. George Tiller just last year. Hundreds of abortion clinics have been bombed.

Would it be fair for a bombed-out abortion clinic to protest that a Church should not be built two blocks away? If it were an Army of God or Hutaree Church, then I’d say yes. I would say while it is their constitutional right to build, an Army of God/Hutaree Church should not be built near a bombed-out abortion clinic because they preach hatred, evil, and murder.

But if it’s a moderate normal Church, then the abortion clinic shouldn’t mind.
After all, moderate normal Christians are not terrorists.

And neither are moderate, normal Muslims.

Just as millions of Christians lost their lives in the Holocaust, we know at least 70 innocent Muslim victims lost their lives to the vicious terrorists of 911. The killers were evil because they were mass murderers of innocents. They were not evil because they professed Islam. And any decent Muslim would reject the terrorists’ form of Islam. Just as any decent Christian would reject the “Christianity” of the people that gassed children in concentration camps all across Europe less than 70 years ago.

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  • Robt October 23, 2010 3:43 am

    O Rielly wasn’t so stern on the View. He sure can switch back and forth on his stances.

    The economy collapse before President Obama took office under President Bush’s 8 years of policy and mostly republican control of Congress.

    We have a problem with Republicans.

    Republicans killed America’s economy.

    Should we profile republicans?

    Capture and send them to Syria for questioning?

    O Rielly’s smarky accusations for ratings is not solving anything.

    Just finger pointing blame.

    How does Bill O Rielly feel about Ken Mehlman’s confession out of the closet? That Ken confessed to putting those state proposals to ban gay marraige was just a political campaign trick to anger voter to vote Republican by hating gays?

    Isn’t O Rielly sort of doing this again but with Muslims, for the Mid terms.?
    You decide

  • Robert October 21, 2010 10:44 am

    There was a review at that had pretty strong words about tonight’s episode. Obviously the reviewer is no fan of Bill O’Reilly and he’s right that Juan Williams is no Democrat, but what I really enjoyed is what he said about you:

    Levine slammed O’Reilly for his hypocrisy and double standards, when he could get a word in.

    The full portion of the review on your segment is below:

    In the next segment O’Reilly had Tammy Bruce and liberal Mark Levine on to talk about radio show listener reaction to his dustup on The View. Crazy Bruce said this: “The first reaction, was that when Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg left the set, suddenly The View became watchable. The second reaction was they all should have left so it would have The Factor in the afternoon. People were thrilled and they loved how you addressed the issue of political correctness.”

    WTF? Wow, that bitch is crazy. If they had all left there would be no show, and they sure as hell are not going to have the Factor in the afternoon. O’Reilly is so much of a right-wing idiot he is even lucky they let him on the air. If he did not get them ratings they would ban his crazy right-wing ass. And he only gets ratings because people tune in to see what crazy garbage he will say.

    Then the liberal Mark Levine said this: “My liberal listeners were also thrilled, but for the exact opposite reasons. They thought that Joy and Whoopi were absolutely right to walk out and they felt the walkout forced your apology.”

    Then O’Reilly said he clarified his apology, Billy said this: “My apology was not about what I said, but if someone took it the wrong way. I’ll stand by what I said – Muslims killed us on 9/11 and there’s a huge Muslim problem in the world.”

    Which is ridiculous, because if you stand by what you said, then there was no apology. What happened is Mr. Tough Guy said he was sorry when Barbara Walters called him on his misinformation, then later after he left the View he turned into a fake Tough Guy again, haha, what a punk. Now he is saying he stands by what he said, and there is a huge problem in the Muslim world. When it’s only a small problem with a few radical extremists.

    And btw, Levine slammed O’Reilly for his hypocrisy and double standards, when he could get a word in. But of course O’Reilly dismissed everything he said, and tried to explain away all his arguments. Not to mention, once again O’Reilly could not just have Levine on alone so it was a balanced segment, he had to put the crazy Tammy Bruce on to make it a 2 on 1 so it would look like O’Reilly was right when she agreed with everything he said, what a joke.

    Earth to Bill O’Reilly, since you are a Republican who always takes the Republican side of an issue, you should never have another Republican on with a Democratic guest. If you are so Tough, why are you scared to have Democrats on without a Republican to use up all their time. Prove you are a real Tough Guy, let Democrats on alone without a crazy Republican to counter what they have to say.

  • Velma October 19, 2010 5:49 pm

    Max jan,
    That is an outstanding reflection
    Many prayers of gratitude for your poetic honesty
    – Velma

  • max October 19, 2010 5:20 pm

    In regards to Iran’s issue,,
    You would understand this better if you live life like on,,
    Here I give you a taste;
    You go out of your home,not knowing if you ‘ll be arrested or humiliated or both.
    You don’t know how many times a 16 year old brain washed would pull his gun on your fore head and says whatever to you and tells you that you are nothing but a piece of trash,,because you are not moslem lover or nor arab born or things like that.
    You don’t know if you ‘ll be arrested for no reason ,taken some where(mostly in the police stations with basements),and beaten and raped and had to transfer your car or some property to their names,,and sign some thing that you admit to some thing.
    Other wise the rape and beating goes on.
    You don’t know if your loved ones gets killed in the jail or by the basijji’s, and you are not allowed ceremony in any form.
    You don’t know if another day goes by and the world politics still supports that regime(regardless of sanctions and all the big talk), by getting richer in the name of securing islam in the region and by having the arabs keep making money off of it and Iranians stay the victims of it.
    You don’t know if the world is so un informed or ignorant to see reality,and would allow more women and children or even men to be raped by 20 hezbollah and basiiji for their daily hard work,
    and just look the other way or make totally uneducated comments on the public media.
    The regime pays money to keep our blood under the carpet,,and gets big people to talk big mis informations and mis leadings to the world.
    Are you people capabale of outting yourself in the scenario of every Iranians life nad say that people are supportive of that regime????
    Do you really take Iranians so low IQ that it makes one to think that we like pain more than life and freedom.
    You have been seeing millions of Iranians all over the world trying to get Foreedom and Justice back in our nation .
    Or the millions of dollars that they spent is a better value to put down the Iranian’s un stoppable movement for Freedom???
    Or do you not hear of Iranians who have sergically sealed their lips and are asking asylum in Greece and the Greece is just ignoring them and keeps telling them that they will be sent back to Iran???
    Do you watch TV,,or Do you have Face Book.
    That regime is on its last legs.
    They are being brought down by the will and wish of the people.
    May be there are people who don’t understand Iranians will,
    and by insulting their blood that is being shed by that regime ,think Iranians will change their mind.
    Mark my words.
    Iranians are putting their life on the line to wipe this invader,lying,raping,killing religion,out of their life system and the ruling system.
    Nothing will stop them now.
    We have broken a 1400 year Taboo,,
    Which has been lying,killing and humiliating the world and Iranian people in the hiding,till now.
    This blood thirsty empire is coming down faster than you think.
    It took them 1400 years of forcing people in to this Bandit culture and cult,,it would take 50 years and 3 generations to wipe it out ,completely.
    Killing people in the name of allah( the biggest statue arabs prayed to even before islam).
    Imagine all this blood is in the name of a Statue.
    I guess you don’t know that there is not even one time in Quoran that mentions the word,,GOD.
    Thanks and respect.
    Iranian people need all the support we can get.
    Unless you can put yourself in the scenarios above and still don’t care.

  • mike October 18, 2010 9:24 pm

    I viewed the interview on Bill Oreilly between Mark Levine & Tammy Bruce. Let me start by saying I am a Jew & after listening to your comments. I feel ashamed to to have you in the same ethnicity. I think you are a gutless little bastard that should have croaked in your old mans balls. If there is ever an all out war between muslims & Jews you’d be the first to run where ever you could to save your little far left liberal ass. In closing you are nothing but a slimy little douche bag. So drop dead for Israel and burn in hell.