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Black-Jewish Relations on XM Satellite Radio

February 2, 2007

M&M FRIDAYS! 4-6:30 pm Eastern time (3-5:30 Central, 2-4:30 Mountain, 1-3:30 Pacific)
Every Friday, Mark is on XM, Channel 169 (“The Power”) with co-host Mark Thompson of “Make it Plain.”
This week, Mark and Mark address the controversial (and often whispered) topic of African-American and Jewish relations in the United States.

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  • The Renegade March 11, 2007 9:57 am

    AR-who is being curt now? Is your ego hurt? Perhaps the only requirements to this blog are to have a thick skin
    In my blog experience here–I have had to take most everything I’ve dished out (many times being addressed as my adversaries–that’s a hard rap to beat)
    Never surrender
    the integrity of your energy.
    Link it to source;
    align it with truth and beauty,
    as close as it can be.
    Nobility is being
    better than you used to be.
    Harmonize with love,
    giving it away,
    surrounding yourself in expanding power,
    imagining forgiveness for others;
    that you may instill calmness,
    peace, for thee.

  • AR Stein March 10, 2007 10:15 pm

    Gordon-I was referring to “myself” being new to the blog-Also-had to get a new keyboard since some of my letters were sticking-I had to make it work-blogging is not usually english class-Would be nice to see you respond peacefully-didn’t know their were requirements here on Mark’s blog as far as communication-maybe mark needs an IQ test for all of us to see if we make the cut!

  • Bearded Warlock March 9, 2007 11:17 am

    AR Stein–I have been here longer than you might think–communication is sometimes aided by proper spelling in lieu of cutesy symbols–either which way–meaning transcends formats
    In the Tween
    In the ‘tween of night and light
    witches and warlocks wake
    to rekindle their magic
    for the new dawn,
    Stoic monks wait
    for the spirit to move them
    to heights
    of higher awareness,
    Chiseled moon wanes
    in the darkened sky,
    pilgrims pray
    and wonder why
    the secrets of life have passed them by,
    while wisdom floats
    all around them.

  • AR Stein March 8, 2007 3:16 pm

    new 2 the blog Gordon-hard 2 communicat w/ u but nice 2 finally know you real name!Take care friend-

  • Gordon Neumann c/o www, March 8, 2007 9:29 am

    AR Stein–GOOD–the cyclical nature of your lesson does not escape you–but I am disappointed that you can’t derive who I am–everyone else seems to know
    The Grateful Mutant
    Perhaps I’m a mutant,
    man and part poet, too,
    a creature co-creating
    sensory message as solemn
    of even a preacher’s due
    and wild as the screaming jackal
    laughing at the moon
    in response to nature’s cue.
    If there is meaning
    to this mischievous madness,
    I?m certainly the last to know,
    for feedback comes in soggy loaves
    floating on salty sea,
    defining my identity
    to a me
    that no longer cares,
    Because reward is that feeling
    already flowing through and through,
    that leaves one spent and gleaming
    in the club of the far and few.
    Gordon Neumann