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Bush and the Moonies

September 28, 2003

A cozy relationship
Have you heard of the religious cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon?
Maybe you’ve heard about his coercive attempts in the 1970’s to indoctrinate college students, separate them from their families, hold them against their will, and brainwash them into “Moonies” handing out flowers on street corners…

Maybe you’ve heard of his criminal convictions for tax fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice in the “Koreagate” bribing scandal…
Maybe you know he believes himself to be the Messiah…
Maybe you know of his mass weddings of people who have never met each other…
Maybe you know of his intense dislike of American women and gay men, his belief that Jesus was born from adultery and needed Moon’s intercession to enter heaven, or his belief that the Holocaust was God’s punishment to Jews for rejecting Jesus…
And maybe you’ve heard of Moon’s support of bizarre sexual practices, including cleaning up sexual fluids with a “Holy Handkerchief”, which is apparently never washed and punishing the “love organ” (with pliers, if necessary)…
What you probably didn’t know is that Rev. Moon has high-ranking allies in the Bush Administration.
Why has everyone from John Ashcroft to John Towey (director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives) to former President George H. W. Bush, so enamored of Rev. Moon and his mouthpiece, The Washington Times? (The Washington Times newspaper, a commercial failure, only exists by virtue of Rev. Moon’s subsidy of more than $1 billion.)
Is it because Moon gave $3.5 million to Jerry Falwell?
Why has Bush appointed the director of Moon’s “American Family Coalition” to head Americorps VISTA?
Why is YOUR taxpayer money being funneled to Rev. Moon?
I’ve got the INSIDE SCOOP.
My guests are John Gorenfeld, author of Bad Moon on the Rise, a free-lance reporter who unearthed these ties between the Bush Administration and the Moonies, and David Brock, best-selling author of Blinded by the Right, who used to be a reporter at The Washington Times.
Find out the inside scoop on the connection between Bush and the Moonies.
(For more background information, check out Dark Side of Rev. Moon.)

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  • Mark Levine's The Inside Scoop April 24, 2009 7:38 am

    […] For more on this connection, see my September 2003 notes on my last interview with John Gorenfeld, by clicking here. […]

  • Half-breeds are the prettiest February 24, 2007 9:42 am

    Deliver me a pizza with everything on it–all the diversity you can possibly imagine

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    There are tantalizing hints that improvement can be more dramatic when diversity is eliminated, such as single gender classes, blacks performing better when reinforced by their own successes.