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Bush Approval at 39%

October 17, 2005

With the evil people running the Government under indictment (Tom Delay) or on the verge of indictment for crimes bordering treason (Karl Rove and Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter Libby), with Iraq a mess and Bush-croneyism (Mike Brown and Harriet Miles) finally coming to the public’s attention, the President’s scripted “town hall meetings” and “conversations with the troops” just aren’t cutting it anymore.
America is finally looking at the man behind the curtain controlling the “Wizard of Oz,” and they don’t like what they see.
Guest: Judd Legum, Research Director at the Center for American Progress

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  • Sean October 19, 2005 10:57 pm

    Would you hire a man to take out your kidney, who doesn’t believe in science or medicine?
    Would you follow a religious leader who did not believe in God?
    Would you hire a Luddite to run your IT department?
    Why do almost half of Americans vote for a political party that doesn’t believe in government?????
    George and those like him, fundamentally don’t believe in government. They don’t think government is needed, they don’t think it can or should function, and they desperately want to either usurp or sabotage it.
    Would George appoint Brown to a department he believed in? If George and those like him were to have their way, there would be no FEMA. They would do away with Social Security too. They would bankrupt those functions of government they really don’t believe in, but Americans do believe in. Since they can’t do away with public schools, they will try and bankrupt them. Since they can’t get rid of the federal government, they seek to get it so far in debt, that there is no choice but to reduce its size and scope.
    They don’t believe government can work; much less believe in ways of making it work better. Left with this belief they are forced to stick personal friends into positions that the rest of us do believe in. Positions like Supreme Court justices.
    Simply put, they like the model America was in during the wild west days. I think that is why George is so comfortable on his Texas ranch. They want to take America back to the days where the strong and rich could bully and coerce the rest of society. They long for the days where government did not regulate anything, so that they can seek prosperous endeavors that would be less prosperous while regulated.
    George and those that agree with him would like to run energy companies, while not being required to protect the environment. That is why he hates science. Science generates the most probable theories that undermine their endeavors. Endeavors like Iraq, energy, and political rule are all encumbered by pesky things like the TRUE state of Iraqs WMD programs, global warming, and free and honest elections.
    Most of us on this board can easily ramble for days on the inadequate performance of our government these days. It will be increasingly important to distinguish our policies and views from their policies and views in the coming few months. The country ebbs and flows like the tide. We are at low tide now, but when the tide comes in it will be a challenge to lead and not only criticize.
    We should highlight the difference in philosophy between a true public servant that believes in the governments role and place in our lives and what we have now. There are good government officials and leaders that stand for more than politics for politics sake.

  • Gordon in SF October 17, 2005 9:57 pm

    Mark! You’re back! I go through withdrawal when you’re gone. Welcome back. Hope your Jewish New Year was wonderful.

  • Susan October 17, 2005 7:47 pm

    If you were a senator, would you vote to confirm Ms. Miers, why and why not. Is she qualified in your opinion.

  • mike October 17, 2005 7:39 pm

    All power is all currupting and after 5+ years of unparrelled control over the white house, senate and house, have the Republicans become arrogant and currupted. Or is the death of the independent investigator enabling legislation preventing a check and balance from occuring?

  • Dave G. October 17, 2005 6:04 pm

    Again today Alyce has been trying to call the Jim Greenfield Show. Again the phone rings as long as it can with no awnser. Jim has not had a single caller and he is talking with the fellow working the phone. He, Jim did receive one persinal call. I don’t know for sure if this would happen to all his incoming calls but I suspect it is just at this end. That’s the way it usualy is.
    Are there those who suspect that our Patriot Act Trooperm just might misuse their powers?