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Bush is Trashing the Joint Before He Leaves…

November 14, 2008

Bush, like any fired employee trashing his surroundings before the new guy takes over, does his best to ruin the environment of the United States: dirty air, dirty water, and oil drilling around our national parks.
ALSO the undecided Senate races of Alaska, Minnesota, and Georgia, and the musical chairs of Chairmanships in the next Senate.
AND should the Seven Aphorisms of Summum be posted next to the Ten Commandments in Pleasant Grove, Utah? The Supreme Court will decide.

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  • Robt December 2, 2008 2:47 am

    Scarey thoughts
    Just exactly would a McCain cabinate look like?
    Pres: McCain
    VP: Palin
    Chief of staff: Rudi Gulianni
    Office of White House Counsel: Joe Lieberman/ Bill Kristol
    White House Press Secretary: Joe the Plumber
    Ambassador to United Nations: John Bolton
    Attorney General: Lindsey Graham
    FCC Chairman: Rupert Murdoch
    Health & Human service:James Dobson
    Secretary of State: Jeb Bush
    Secretary of Defense: Randy “Duke” Cunningham
    Secretary of labor: Mitt Romney
    Secretary of Homeland Security: Newt Gingrich
    Secretary of commerce: Ted Stevens
    Secretary of the interior: Tom Delay
    Secretary of Treasurey: Phil Graham
    Deputy Treasurer: Carly Fiorina

  • Skip November 17, 2008 5:43 pm

    Does Fred fear that Obama will finish the job Cheney/Bush started in neutralizing the constitution? I think he has been smoking on that OReilly/Hannity/”Limppaw” antireality pipe too much. The GOP (Gay Oligarchic Pedophiles) had to resort to good old fear since their track record would make them run for Paraguay if the mainstram media ever did its job.
    I just started reading a book titled: “Taking the Risk out of Democracy” by an Australian psychiatrist named Alex Carey (sp?). He details the developement of modern propaganda (aka brainwashing) up to the point of his death in the 80s. I think he would be shocked on how much farther it has “progressed” today.