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We’re Winning in Alaska!

November 13, 2008

Begich has pulled ahead of Stevens by 814 votes! Looks like we’ll have 58 Democrats in the Senate. (
This one’s important because unlike Minnesota’s relatively moderate Coleman, an Alaska Republican would be from the Far Right and would almost certainly filibuster progressive initiatives.

And if Minnesota goes our way too, that would make 59, replacing a moderate Republican with a very liberal Democrat (Franken).

Then all eyes will be on Georgia’s December 2 Primary. If Jim Martin wins — which, let’s face it, is unlikely–we would have 60. And wouldn’t it be a joy to knock off Saxby Chambliss, the king of dirty campaigners, the guy who beat Democratic Senator Max Cleland — who lost two legs and an arm serving his country in Vietnam — by comparing Cleland to Bin Laden?

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