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Bush's Watergate

March 21, 2008

We know the Bush Justice Department went after Eliot Spitzer, sifting through his private bank records to find out if he’d done anything wrong and then spending high-level resources on the successful goose chase.
We know that Rove made up allegations about Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, jailng him to keep him from winning the election.
And now we find out that in January 2008, the Bush Administration also illegally spied on Barack Obama’s private passport.
How many prominent and powerful Democrats are being spied on by this Administration?
Let’s just say a heck of a lot more than Watergate.
No wonder they want retroactive amnesty.
If, as I suspect, all of this can be traced back to Karl Rove, this will finally be what we need to impeach Bush and Cheney. But it has to be done in time. Unfortunately, Rove, acting on behalf of Cheney and Bush, is careful about hiding his fingerprints.
This is far far far worse than Nixon. Investigate now!!!!

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