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Week in Review – Obama, McCain, Osama, Guns

March 20, 2008

First Hour Audio
Two More Hours on Bob Kincaid’s show
Barack Obama on Race in America
Barack Obama’s Speech on Race in America
I predicted this uproar regarding Obama’s Pastor Wright and am very glad Obama’s putting some distance between him and his controversial pastor. I’ve always felt that Pastor Wright was Obama’s Achilles’ heel.
What is the source of Wright’s incendiary comments?
How are they bound up in the tradition of the Black Church?
Is it fair to characterize him as anti-White? Or just pro-Black?
I disagree and strongly condemn much of what Pastor Wright has said in those few snippets shown widely on Fox News.
But I do think I understand where he’s coming from.
And so does Barack Obama.
This may be the best speech on race in America in our generation. You owe it to yourself to listen closely, whatever your particular race or hue.
McCain doesn’t know Al Qaeda from Iran. No wonder he’s unclear about who attacked us on September 11, 2001.
Osama Bin Laden wants to punish us for our cartoons.
The Supreme Court does its best to lift the DC gun ban. Good thing they have security measures that other DC residents don’t have. Whatever happened to “strict constructionism”?
And Obama is wrong on the Michigan revote. C’mon Obama. I want you to win, but you gotta win fair.

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  • Shave That Thing March 25, 2008 12:57 pm

    So your saying the election is between Nader and Obama? After all, McCain has had more senior moments than Rush swallowing oxicotin.
    Perhaps it will be the election of the VP. Bush has made the Presidency a puppet show. Cheney can speak in sentences even though that sentence can be on word. Where GW can talk all day and you still haven’t an idea what the hell he’s talking about?
    It will be McCain’s vp vs the Democratic challengers VP?

  • Harry Ass March 25, 2008 10:22 am

    Oh yeah–Hillary gave us a story of her foreign policy experience–her trip to Kosovo amid imagined sniper fire-taking flowers from an apparently very brave little girl…
    What part of fact and/or fiction is floating around in Hillary’s brain, anyway?
    This exaggeration is on tape (Is this a Clinton trait that is communicable between spouses?)
    Feminists–get another horse–for the Clinton mare has to much matted hair on its ass

  • Robt March 21, 2008 2:21 pm

    You my find my comment “asinine”, You can call my support for a presidential candidate “GA GA”. Yet, if you have seen any “Right wing” media responses to Obama’s address of his Pastor and race. You might sense their strong desire to widen divides for their political gains and feelings of superiority.
    Are they tearing it down?
    Are they right wing?
    Vicky, you can be on the political right without being an extreme right wingnut as I depicted above.
    I wouldn’t say the right is the responsible entity of racism. They use racism as a vote getting political wedge, which is highly divisive & enables misunderstandings. This is enabling racial divides.
    Would you please explain something to me.?
    What is the “Ga Ga” you feel everyone has over Obama? I would really like to know your perspective of the “GA GA”?

  • Bob March 21, 2008 8:25 am

    I am not ga-ga over Obama but you are right that the left has some similar problems with over simplifying people. The Ferarro bit was an example of that. That was my main point and was reflected in the Obama Speech.

  • Vicky March 21, 2008 7:36 am

    Robt writes:
    “It will never be enough for the rightwing nuts. They will try to tear it down because only evangelicals with blue eyes and blonde hair are Americans to them…………..”
    That is one asinine, irresponsible and STUPID remark.
    And Bob, racism is the fault of the right wingers, is that what you are saying? Whatever.
    You people are so ga-ga over Obama, you’re not even thinking straight and if you have any doubts, you’re squishing them. Why?