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Busted! Republicans Caught Cheating in 2004 Ohio Election

January 27, 2007

Two election workers have been convicted of rigging the recount for Ohio’s Presidential Elections in 2004

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  • anonymous February 3, 2007 11:18 am

    OHIO 2004: 6.15% Kerry-Bush vote-switch found in probability study
    How Kerry Votes Were Switched to Bush Votes
    “In a sample of 166,953 votes (1/34th of the Ohio vote),
    the Kerry-Bush margin changes 6.15% when the population
    is sorted by outcomes of wrong-precinct voting.
    “The 6.15% vote-switch differential is seen when the large
    sample is sorted by probability a Kerry wrong-precinct
    vote counts for Bush. When the same large voter sample is
    sorted by the probability Kerry cross-votes count for
    third-party candidates, Kerry votes are instead equal in both subsets.”
    A second, separate and larger sample confirms the pattern.

  • Break the cycle January 26, 2007 9:15 am

    Too little–too late–look who’s still president botching up the world scene as a fumbling front man for neo-con industro-military imperialistic endless war ambitions
    Before it’s too late for elections to matter

  • madfuq January 25, 2007 10:56 pm

    Mark, can’t find a link to read about this subject?