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Clinton, Obama, and McCainAll Three Presidential Campaigns on The Inside Scoop!

February 12, 2008

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Just before the Potomac Primary, Mark poses his tough questions to representatives of the Clinton, McCain, and Obama campaigns to help you decide who to vote for.

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  • Peace in our time February 16, 2008 11:03 am

    No doubt the electoral process should explore to what degree John McCain has PTSD

  • The Maverick February 15, 2008 1:09 pm

    I don’t have PTSD. PTSD has nothing to do with my moral compass and strong family value of torture.
    Torture is a long time family tradition in my house. A long time American heritage, just ask the Heritage Foundation. They wouldn’t lie.
    It is true I was against waterboarding just in November. Was sure I made myself clear that waterboarding is torture and the Army field Manual bans it and any techniques the Army Field Manual allows is more than sufficient.
    But now that I have my party’s presidential nomination. It is time for some straight talk from the express. It turns out that the GOP convinced me that if I become President, I do not have to represent all Americans. Not even the ones that vote for me. That the GOP party controllers are the ones I must make happy and in turn they, through their front people, have endorsed me. This is to convince the little conservative voters that they must vote for me now.
    So in exchange for their endorsement I now support torture/waterboarding. And will seal and cover any GW inadvertancy(s) which would hurt his families great name, blot his Sci-Fi legacy, and keep hope alive for Jeb’s future.
    From the straight talk expresso.