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It's a Tie!

February 7, 2008


The Democrats tie Super Tuesday.

While the Republicans, after more than 60% voted AGAINST McCain, are going to get him as a nominee.

Now THIS is the problem with having all the states vote at once…

(Treat this as “Week in Review” and comment on anything you like.)

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  • Robt February 22, 2008 4:17 pm

    Ok I confess, I do frame the same pictures with the same picture frame. I could make different catagories for them as you suggest. It is the fundamental beliefs and the personal interpretations for personal profit, for personal power gain, for personal life styles that make me itch.
    I am aware I am critical of many people that misuse faith and religion in the name of God.
    I have distinct distaste for those that prey on those that pray.
    Sort of like the ungratful tick that gorges itself from your body’s blood to sustain its own life and sustain it and its offspring very well. But that isn’t enough for the ungrateful tick, it has to leave its prey with lyme disease or rocky mountain spotted fever.
    If your point was, “why don’t I lump Obama in with Farakan” ?
    I have seen no signs of Obama exploiting or demagoguing with the Farakan message for personal gain.
    Actually, I have heard Obama speak of God and faith because too many religious Americans demand a religious test for President. He never spoke in terms of how better his faith is (leaving others faith as subpar). He doesn’t want the Constitution to look like the Bible as others would.
    Too many people of faith cannot be convinced that their faith needs to be live and well in themselves and not rated on how they bandy it around at others.
    Fact is, when Obama was attacked about being Muslim. It didn’t shake his faith, he calmly replied with its,
    “untrue, and if you must know I am Christian and attend christian church”. For some he is always lying no matter what and never be accepted because he is not the the one their religious leaders tell them to accept. Nor is he from their particular sect.
    Now once anyone gets into God in the media, it is not so much about a individuals faith, but of how differently factioned all the faiths are in America. How some are more organized than others. That doesn’t mean their doctrine brings you closer to your God. Maybe brings them closer to your bank account in the Lords name. But control & influence is the prize.
    So you know, I haven’t fully lumped Huckabee into the Robertson camp. Its close though. Huckabee was a practicing classic bible thumper, before he became Govener of Ark. He did use his God to influence voters for Govener just as he is doing in the GOP primary. That is using God for personal political gain. He has began to show more and more intolerance with other human beings ( his very God’s creations) through his “faith” and in the name of his God.
    That is an OMEN in my eyes.
    On a question Bush once replied, “money (pause) sometimes trumps peace”. Anyone that claims to be a person of faith should understand the complete bankruptcy of faith from a person in his position telling the world that statement! If that statement came from an Atheist, the organized fundamentalists would demand a burning at the stake on prime time. But GW the false image of banning their near and dear abortion. Which the GOP will never do! To many votes each and every election for their personal political gain depends on this fecade. As the tick, they gorge themselves and leave the illness.
    What has Obama said that is even close to the above Bush quote? For that matter, spoke in Farakanian?
    You should understand, I am not voting for a pastor of my church. This is the President of the United States. Personally, I am not so sure anyone wrapping themselves in the Flag bearing a Cross can truely represent all American’s and not just their narrow view of Christianity and all else is somehow less or evil. We have that now.
    I guess until I determine Obama begins to be cloaked in the vestal robe of Farakan. Obama will not be lumped.
    I did vote in the primary caucus for Obama. So I do support him. Not that I dislike Hillary. There were many reasons. One that stands out is the inspiration of ALL Americans and how, what he motivates. I actually think Hillary has been beaten every day since Bill’s first term by hate mongers. 24 hrs a day and by every conservtive media host. Americans have succumbed to the propaganda conditioning in regards to her. That is what propaganda does. It was Hitlers strongest device. That still had little to nothing in my support for Obama. I know, you didn’t ask.
    Does any of my explanation help you understand that I am not simply rattling off a rant on religious abusers. And I admit there are a few moments of intolerant rant over such religious displays of the tick and those infected, worshipping the tick. I see it as an illness. Mental ilness. I guess I point it out in hopes they can get the help they need.
    In Saudi Arabia, They have their prayer times five times a day. They also have their “religious police”. These faith police actually are adorned in regular civilian clothing and blend in with the populace. Their mission, to catch people that are not meeting their required daily prayers.
    Yes there is severe punishment by their loving God. I know this for I myself, have been to Saudi and seen this.
    That is God in Gov’t Vicky. Never ever be fooled to think it would be otherwise. Just my free advise. Not meant to offend.
    As for jumping on Robertson for “every idiotic thing”. I could use Dobson if that makes you feel better. Swaggert, Bakers, Jim Jones, Falwell, David Koresh are gone. Which leaves openings for new improved rising Ticks to take their places.
    The new breed are college educated in marketing, Doctrine, media, and miracles.
    In part, my perspective on lumping some of these folks comes from the fact I did not grow up with religion. Was not indoctrinated nor conditioned. Not engrained in my childhood conscience.
    There was a time I sought out faith and religion on my own.
    I did not attend any religious degrees. I simply went to many different places of many different faiths. I seen learned from the people that congregated each place of their faith. Learned the power structures. How they interacted, their doctrine and all of it. Now, as Obama might have shared time of religion with a Farakan. I gave time to learn some of Morman, many different Christian sects, Even spoke some of Islam. I am not indoctrinated by any. But I spent time looking and trying to understand them for a place I could call my faiths home. They all had some good to them. It turned out my faiths home was in me. They all could not abide by their doctrine but expected others to abide and such.
    None of that implies I, like Obama knowing Farakan are Manchurian candidates. Or does it to you. and why?