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Comments December 10, 2006

December 10, 2006

For continued discussion on Israel, here’s part 3 of a great video:
Not all Arabs hate Israel. Some have recognized the difference between the culture of hate and antisemitism taught in Arab schools and on Arab televisions and the basic humanity in most places in Israel, a nation just struggling to survive against hate and a propaganda of hate.
I urge anyone concerned about the Middle East to watch this video of a Lebanese Christian woman. (This is part 3. If you have more time, watch it from part 1 onward.)
She gives a great history of Lebanon and reminds us that in one war, one man killed more Palestinians than Israel has throughout its entire history.
The man is King Hussein. He was the King (dictator) of the 80% of Eastern Palestine set apart by the League of Nations to be the Palestinian Arab homeland. Currently, we call that country Jordan. In Black Septemberr 1970, Yassir Arafat tried to overthrow the King of Jordan. But unlike Israel, Jordan did not respond with restraint. And the Palestinians never attacked Jordan again…..
If Israel had the inhumanity to respond as Arab Leaders do (and as they’ve done in Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and other countries), I think Israel would be attacked far less often. A million people died in the Iran/Iraq War. Did any Arab do anything to stop that war? Do you remember anyone even speaking out about it? I’m not advocating a Black September: only recognizing that the entire world doesn’t care if Arabs massacre tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Arabs. The world only cares if an Israeli, acting in self defense, kills one.

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  • GI Joe December 19, 2006 11:04 am

    Sean–we could compare “realities” and my DD-214 would say, “You ain’t got nuthin’ on me.”
    Walkin’ Point
    I’m in the most powerful army in the world,
    and I’m on patrol with my dick hangin’ out,
    pointing out with my penis flopping,
    through a jungle-rot hole,
    in the crotch of my fatigues.
    I’ve got an M-16 loaded,
    with 18 rounds,
    three tracers on top,
    but my dick’s still hangin’ out of the hole in my pants.
    I haven’t been logged in 12 days,
    three is SOP.
    It’s food and water I need,
    as well as pants.
    I’m worrying about leeches crawling up my pecker,
    fuck the embarrassment of flashing the world,
    I don’t give a rat’s ass about that.
    I keep my eyes peeled,
    straight ahead,
    and down.
    No prisoners here,
    it’s boogaloo on sight.
    The gook jumped up from behind an ant hill,
    he hesitated as,
    he glanced at my cock.
    I drilled him with three shots.
    “It’s the quick or the dead,”
    I said,
    as I kicked him in his head,
    bloody, gray matter oozed out.

  • Sean December 18, 2006 4:23 pm

    OK, not too bad. Poetry would be the place to argue against science and the scientific method – as here in reality it is much harder to do so.
    I liked your reference to the ‘god particle’.