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The Hypocrisy of the Right

December 11, 2006

As usual, gay “tolerance” trumps all other issues for hypocrisy on the Right:
1) The Vice President, King of the Right Wing, has a grandchild. For the Left, it’s no big deal for a long-term “married” gay couple to have a child. But the Right, which wants to make such births and marriages illegal, they’re in a bind. How do they support a policy that would amend the Constitution to harm the Vice President’s daughter and grandchild? Best just not to talk about it….
2) Mark Foley — the Ethics Committee releases late Friday (so as to engender little news) a report that says what I’ve been reporting all along — both ex-Speaker Hastert and current House Minority Leader Boehner knew in detail about Foley and the pages. So why is no one punished?
So what’s a Republican-Loving, Gay-Hating Fundamentalist to do these days? Answer: Be very quiet and hope no one notices the hypocrisy…
PLUS the standard religious hypocrisy…
A) I hate when State and Religion are combined, but if the Bible is OK for oaths of office, then by golly, the Koran is too!
B) Is the “War on Christmas” Over? Did Non-Christians Lose?

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  • Apocalyptic mindset December 19, 2006 9:32 am

    The scary idea is that Bush and the chain-smoking chimps pushing him–are looking for reasons to escalate–a toppling of the Maliki regime might issue a call for for a land intervention against Shiite Iran by Bush’s Saudi masters
    And by whatever pretense, including the ISG report, Bush spouts–a U.S. military draft will be needed to perform that deed–and open another front in the Neo-Cons’ plan for “endless war”
    The Neo-Con vision is not for peace–they don’t mean to relinquish their imperialistic foothold in the Middle East that they have maneuvered by sinister means–that is their secret agenda they can’t tell the American people–that forsakes the American people–and the world
    War is the host body the Neo-Con tape-worms wiggle within–they must keep fear and war alive
    So the tape-worms scream, “Victory is war…more and more war.”