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Comments: Foley's Last IM: Hastert Covered it Up!

October 22, 2006

from the Local Palm Beach Newspaper: Foley’s Last IM
This is NOT a joke. Viewer discretion strongly urged. For more, click below:

Here’s the heart of it:
Maf54: hey, do you like booze?
Xxxxx: don’t really drink much… what about the house leadership? do they know what you do with the pages?
Maf54: yeah… they found out too but denny hastert is in my corner… hey, i’ll get you some booze and we can drnk at my house so we don’t get busted
Xxxxx: maybe
Maf54: do you like boxers or breefs
Xxxxx: boxers
Maf54: too bad… wanted to imagine u in tidy whitees
Xxxxx: did hastert do anything?
Maf54: besides cover it up? ; )
Xxxxx: yeah
Maf54: not really…
Check out James Dobson’s audio comment on Mark Foley as “sort of a joke by the boy and some of the other pages”
And then–and this is hilarious–check out James Dobson denying he made the very comment you just heard!
What a hypocrite! First Dobson calls it a joke. Then he denies calling it a joke and claims it’s some liberal conspiracy. Except he was caught on tape!!!

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  • Ed from NY October 30, 2006 4:39 pm

    I think some folks just think humans should have more of a say over their own lives than a few cells that no one wants, have no feelings, and can be remade in a sexual instant…

  • Robt October 30, 2006 11:57 am

    As reported by NBC’s Chip Reed on 29 OCT.
    “The Mark Foley scandal is going to widen even further”, said Chip Reed.
    Them evil Dem’s should be cursed for flaunting the temptation of young pleasure flesh at the Repbulicans as they did. Then, one of the Dem’s I hate the most;
    (Kennedy or Hillary or Kerry, Darn- not sure which one I hate the most),
    had to leak the story to a Republican so the Republican could leak it to the press.
    This was purely partisan politics, unlike a battle call to the White House for all the Hannity’s and Rushbo’s to meet and be given their radio programming directly from the president.
    Does anybody know if the taxpayers picked up the travel expenses for these Right radio cultists to travel to and return home for this non partisan nov battle planning of the elections.??

  • Robt October 30, 2006 11:17 am

    What is the difference between seling taxidermed
    fruit bats for disply on ebay and Bill Frist adopting cats from the pet shop to take home and practice his surgery skills on them ?

  • Vicky October 30, 2006 7:14 am

    Yes there are some “sins” that are worse than others and the shedding of innocent blood is one of them.
    I share your concern over every other issue you raised Mad.
    Your “haughty” pro-choice label you give yourself as if this makes you superior because you are so tolerant of someone’s right to kill their child – well I don’t buy that. Pro-choice is a poor choice and NO choice for that child.
    If emotions aren’t incited by the dismemberment and other gruesome methods of aborting our unborn, then people’s hearts are either terribly calloused or just closed off. And because you see all these other things going on, you select the smallest and most helpless group of people to kill off. Sweet.

  • madfuq October 30, 2006 1:32 am

    While I am not pro abortion as some assume I am pro choice, and by that statement I don’t believe I have the right to tell my fellow citizens that their choice is wrong because I am so right! The trouble I see with this issue is that it is a tool used to incite the emotions of we the people so that other problems in our country don’t get discussed.
    I do see families struggling to keep their families together due to the financial problems they face because of lost jobs, I do see the elderly struggling to either buy meds or groceries or pay the utility bills. Some face bankruptcy due to health costs that have spiralled out of control. Some have lost not only their jobs but their retirement, I see the greed of the ultra rich spending our country into the ground destroying this republic taking their interests off shore to avoid taxes. The middle class slowly being eroded into the poor house while the top 1 or 2 percent make out like bandits. Now this fires me up when I watch our country ruined with sound bites by people that care not one bit for the American people, all of the American people not just the wealthy. People who hate government can’t govern! People who don’t know history repeat it over and over.
    If everything were black or white it would be easy to decide but I don’t have the all knowing wisdom to make everyone elses decisions or choices. I don’t have to live with what you do I have to live with what I do.
    Where are the tears for every lost life of our service men and women, where are the tears for the multitude of Iraqi’s that have been lost due to this war. Where is Ossama and why is he not in jail who is profiting from this sick war? Sure isn’t the American public. When you follow the money it goes to the privileged not to we the people. Let me see some outrage over liars! I believe this is included in the list of sins right along with murder, stealing, bearing false witness, adultery etc…. Funny they all seem to have the same consequence and one is no worse than the other in God’s eyes!