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The Decline of the American Empire

October 23, 2006

With weakness abroad and corruption at home, the American Empire declines…..
Our only hope is a new Government.

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  • Robt October 27, 2006 4:51 pm

    Cheney and Rove fight over vantriloquist rights and George is the wooden headed Dummy puppet.
    Bush is starting to show some of his Adm’s original thisrts for War in Iraq. It is now an occupation. Can you WIN an occupation?
    -This Bush wanted to finish what he thought his Dad didn’t and felt why Dad didn’t get re elected and shadowed the Royal Bush name.
    -Control of oil.
    -Having the permanent military bases in Iraq after Little bush, giving in to Osama’s demands that called for the U.S. bases to be closed in Saudi Arabia. The bases Dad Bush sort of won via Desert Storm.
    -The grand honor of being a war President that can push for executive powers unchecked.
    -To change America to a neo conservative ideology
    which includes altering our constitution. Empowering corporations and government. Getting rid of the pesky complaining middle class.
    -Dispising goverment, proving that government does not work by the purpose drivin ability and power to ensure its failure and prove to the people government is all bad. Appointing M. Bown to FEMA knowingly that he NO qualifications to handle it. Katrina came and help prove that FEMA doesn’t work. And that is how Bush overall projected FEMA after Katrina.
    -To attack the press and have the press in corporate pockets blantantly lying to the people in the Name of neo conservative ideology. Which is the death of freedom of the press that has been one of our watchdogs of government check and balance.
    I have always heard many many coservatives say, ” if you don’t like it(what we do)leave & go to another country “. Now that is a statement I would want to hear Mark argue in depth with a consevative who stands by that statement. For it is the conservative that seem unhappy with America and have taken us too close to Fascism. In my opinion.
    These neo conservatives never think that their altering our constitution is “not liking America” and that they, not caring for our constitution and America, Why don’t they leave and go to a fascist or theocracy type country to live where they would be most comfortable. So when they find that fascist-conservatism-theocracy is not what they thought it was all cracked up to be. They would then have somewhere to flee, when they find they really don’t like what their ideology offers them in real life.

  • Join the mission-of-the-month club October 26, 2006 10:05 am

    Everytime Bush speaks he seems to dig the graves of incumbent Republicans a little deeper–his semantics are so confusing it seems he’s trying to explain them to himself as he talks
    He would be more convincing as a ventriloquist with a wooden-dummy in his hands rather than standing outfront alone as the dummy at least a majority of the people are realizing Bush really is
    Benchmarks? Timetables? An elected Iraqi government thats wants us gone, whose U.S. supported army can’t be trained to be loyal
    Who wants to fill the next bodybag for the delusions of the princely poser and his Humpty-Dumpty Doctrine sponsoring the mission-of-the-month club?
    Meeska-mooska-mousketeer–our GIs are rolling targets in a shooting arcade for another year, while the Iraqis try to kill them and each other
    Can we really wait for the benchmark of Bush’s sorry ass hitting the bricks of Pennsylvania Ave.?–get Democratic control of Congress and use the Handi-Express short form of impeachment and conviction with the conviction of all the blood that has been spent for his lies and illusions and not the real War on Terror