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Congress Shaping Up

January 15, 2009

Congress is finally shaping up. Things that were hard before are now suddenly easy:
Vote Today on Second Half of Financial Bail-Out (TARP)
Vote Soon on Stimulus Package
Senate Confirmation Hearings for Attorney General, Treasury Secretary, and Head of EPA
Good-bye to Biden and Clinton
Votes on SCHIP, stem cells, and DC statehood

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  • Johnny Democracy January 18, 2009 1:42 am

    Oh Americana,
    are you really worth saving,
    or do you endanger the species,
    with your social vanities,
    religious profanities,
    and dinosaur inanities,
    nuclear farce so hidden in fear,
    is it time to celebrate
    the castigating of a new leader,
    of the passing parade,
    of the political charade
    that can soothe your bloody memories,
    of yesterday’s nightmares
    that won’t fade away,
    oh Americana, born in war,
    are you worth the graves you stand on,
    as you sing and dance,
    gamble, whore, and prance,
    have you learned a mothafuckin’ thing,
    at all,
    I so humbly wonder.