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Bye Bye Bush

January 14, 2009

Preparation for Inauguration
And other News of the Week…

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  • Skip January 19, 2009 6:43 pm

    Amen Johnny

  • Johnny Democracy January 19, 2009 9:17 am

    Now–who was in control of the defenseless air-space that was encroached on 9-11?–WHO IN THE FUCKIN’ HELL IS GONNA ASK THAT QUESTION to the sly smiling Dick Cheney–nobody that’s who
    so sing and dance and fuck and prance, Americana–your government has no pants until your traitors are brought to justice

  • Skip January 18, 2009 4:17 pm

    I guess Pearle forgot about those policy changes the Bush administration installed in early 2001 that required all Air Force base commanders to get prior approval from the Secretary of Defense himself (Rummy on 911) before sending jets up to check out an off-course passenger jet. Before Bush, these commanders were free to send the jets up whenever the situation called for it. Of course the shooting down of an airliner would have required a presidential order.
    I’m glad I missed Hartmann’s interview of Perle. I still remember that interview of him back in the 80s where he advocated on TV an invasion of the USSR with no more than 3 aircraft carriers. He and his crony buddies thought that that was enough to bring down the entire Soviet empire. That is as dillusional as thinking we could neutralize Iraq with “shock and awe” along with a few special forces units.
    And lets not forget how PNAC wanted/needed a “new Pearl Harbor like event” to get support for their dreams of a global empire.

  • Robt January 16, 2009 2:41 am

    Three Issues;
    Who is telling the truth?
    Olmert or Bush Adm (Condi and her spokes people? Wht did the U.S. abstain?
    news item: ” Aides say Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stands by his claim that he caused the U.S. to abstain from a U.N. resolution calling for a halt in Gaza fighting.
    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice negotiated the resolution. Olmert claimed earlier this week that he humiliated Rice by persuading U.S. President Bush to instruct her not to vote for it.
    Rice spokesman Sean McCormack has called Olmert’s claims “100-percent, totally, completely not true.”
    But on Wednesday, Olmert aides said the Israeli leader told the story as it happened. Olmert has also claimed that Bush broke off a speech he was giving in Philadelphia to take his call, and that the abstention embarrassed Rice.
    The aides spoke on condition of anonymity because the diplomatic matter is sensitive. ”
    Is the U.S. calling Olmert and Israel liars? Is Olmert calling the U.S. liars? And why?
    What is your take on President Bush’s “happy Trails to you ” speech today?
    I notice his presidency always begins on Rudy Gulianni’s favorite day. You guessed it, 9/11.
    Ot is as with one of his other latest “ta-ta speeches”, where he poses over Katrina. That the press was negative on him for lack of his action and he blurts out his contemplation of flying Air Force One in to New Orleans. But it would had taken away emergency people away to protect him. So he one up’ed the press by not going. (We all have seen the McCain birthday cake handed over by Bush and that the President stayed on vacation at Crawford).
    If you watched it, do you have any points that protruded your better thought? Can you aver a few of Bush’s accomplishments with a, “well done”?
    did you catch the Eric Holder
    nomination hearing?
    -Water boarding is torture!
    -No one is above the law!
    -President must adhere to FISA!
    He handled a republican fantasy from the movie “24” over using waterboarding under a ticking time bomb theory, if water boarding is the only tool to be used.
    An imaginary wet nightmare of republicans. Holder was very adult, intelligent and in reality on the questions that he causes me a brighter outlook of the Justice Dept to be under Holder as Obama inspires me as President to be.
    The Justice Dept has been a very big concern to me from the Bush damage. It is severe in my book.
    * And a piece of trivia from a Bush Jackboot foot soldier,
    Richard Pearle interviewed (on Tom Hartmann) laid the claim that,
    ” Bush’s only err was that he did not change Clinton’s policies and that allowed America to be hit on 9/11″. He also denied, “signing the PNAC letter to call Clinton to use military action on Iraq in ’98.
    Pearle was a PNAC member and he did in fact sign that letter to Clinton. Forget the “war on terror”. We now have the “War on legacy reality”.