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Congresswoman Giffords' Shooting Proves Arizona Needs New Gun Laws

January 11, 2011

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  • AMegill January 19, 2011 7:23 pm

    Mark you hit the nail on the head with the statement “In my opinion the second amendment is a collective right”. Mark, why is it when the Supreme Court Judges find in your favor their findings are good and when they find against you they are those no nothings in robes, as you felt in the election results from Florida. They are the last word. you can’t have it only your way.
    Now to what you want changed. None of these things would have changed what happened in Tucson. The Sheriff and police, had the right and duty to to have this man arrested and held for psycho exam., and did not. So you can’t use that to stop him from buying a gun. Do you exoect the shop owners to make the determination as to someones mental or violent tendencies. I think there’s a whole boat load of money hungry lawyers who would love that law.
    Answers to your other questions. The cop killer bullets would still be made as they are legal in other countries. So that law would again only stop those who abide by the law to start out with. Same with the clips. Or are you looking to tell those other countries what they can have. The clips he had were not made for the weapon he used. They fit and work but they were not made for that weapon.
    Your statement about the
    “Right Wing” Judges. can be put back in your lap on the findings of the Left Wing Judges, like the ones Obama has installed. Kagan doesn’t like the military. Thats always a great plus to those who want military personnel strung up. Like those who wanted those 3 Navy seals jailed for somthing they didn’t do. See you don’t want to compromise, you want it your way. That is the problem with Washington. That is what the people said in the last election. Do whats right for the people and the country not the left or the right.
    The things you propose, and the ban Jan wants reinstated. Would only affect those who obey the law. Criminals will get their weapons as seen in the UK. If their Laws worked there would be ZERO handgun crimes.