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Recession+GOP = Higher State Taxes

January 12, 2011

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  • AMegill January 24, 2011 11:36 am

    Mark, The point you make is pay more to the Feds so your state can get from them. So which is better Higher state and local tax or higher Federal Tax, spending and deficit? With the Fed tax you are going to pay more in the end, for them to just give it back to the states after everyone in the Federal govt. feed trough gets their portion. Give it straight to your local or state, it goes farther and buys more. It’s kind of like NJ with their property tax rebate. They take more then they need so that they can pay for all the exrta state jobs they want to create for friends and relatives( what Christi is now cutting) and then return whats left and make it sound like a gift. This has gone on for years. It’s time to stop that kind of stuff. Get rid of the self serving Govt. jobs and cut to the real cost of running a state or Federal government. If the states go bankrupt, Oh Well! It worked for GM. Maybe the Unions will not be so self centered when it comes time to negotiate, and think of who is paying their salary. There are more people out there that need protection then the unions Mark.
    You want it to sound like the GOP taking responsibility is a bad thing. So what is your solution? I know Wall Street, rich people, take it from those who have and give to those who are too lazy or dumb enough to get in the over spending problem in the first place, anything but cutting spending or responsibility.
    You said how great the bailout was for GM and they still declared bankruptcy. So the bailout was a waste of money. They should have been able to reach the same place they are now without it.