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Conspiracy Theories of the Right and the Left

October 12, 2006

Guest: Robert Parry, investigative journalist of Consortium News
Some conspiracy theories are proven: for example, the connections between the George H. W. Bush and Rev. Sun Myung Moon and between Moon and North Korea.
Others are unproven: the Right’s claim that Democrats are to blame for the information on Mark Foley coming out in October or that the Clintons killed Vince Foster. Or the Left’s claim that Bush intentionally caused 9/11.
What causes partisans of the Left or the Right to seek to place everything that happens in a paradigm where the other side can be blamed? How are we to distinguish between good journalism — getting the “inside scoop” on facts that powerful forces would conceal — and wishful thinking?

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  • Jim October 14, 2010 4:50 am

    WTC7 had fire on several floors, and was more structurally damaged than conspiracy theorists make out. However I still believe it was either brought down with explosives or hydro pulled. The symmetrical collapse in just over 6 seconds makes little sense. Steel is weakened by fire, but steel columns cannot fall in a straight downward trajectory without assistance. I know of an architect who hadn’t done research on 911, instantly admitted that building 7 was intentionally demolished, and then went on to saying that perhaps terrorist planted the bombs out of disbelief that a government could do such a thing. I really don’t want to believe the reality, but WTC7 paired with Cheney and Bush’s hashing it up when giving speeches, and not being able to recover black boxes from aircraft whilst being able to recover their rubber tires and a passport from one of the hijackers..

  • Sean December 3, 2006 9:45 pm

    Ed – 12:16 PM,
    Couple more points:
    WTC7 was demolished with explosives. I say this due to the evidence. Diesel is a hydro carbon. You can not cause steel to fail burning hydro carbons.
    Yes, we are charging that the buildings were pre-planted. 7 was a high security building – they could do whatever they wanted inside it.
    Yes, they did it without killing anyone – which really supports our position. Why did they evacuate 7 and get everyone to fall back away from it just prior to it going down?
    WTC1-2 has several explosions according to the evidence. Explosions prior to the jets hitting it, at the time the jet hit it, and series of explosions to bring them down. The explosives are now being detected from the collected samples. The physics of the building tells us something caused timed total loss of all structural integrity in the buildings steel frames. Cutting charges is the only thing that would explain what was observed, recorded, and now analyzed. This is also consistent with the observed and recorded molten and glowing metal.
    Logical leaps: This is all not based on a logic algorithm. This is based on the scientific method of collecting evidence and looking for a hypothesis to fit that evidence.
    Bush guilt: WTC7 being demolished does nothing to charge Bush. It does beg for an investigation though. I for one seriously doubt he had much if anything to do with its planning.