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Craving Economic Misery

February 11, 2009

Why are Republicans against the stimulus package and otherwise improving the economy?
Republicans hope this Depression will be as bad as — maybe even worse than — the Great Depression. Then they can blame Obama and try to win back the Congress in 2010.
To do this, they’re determined to make Obama fail and make as many Americans as miserable as possible.

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  • Robt March 14, 2009 1:55 am

    Mr Levine,
    Perhaps you could inform Liz Kacher that the republican/conservative idol(Ronald Reagan left a tax bill for me to pay in taxes to this day.
    It is estimated the Reagan debt that haunts the IRS halls about April 15 every year is about 3 to 4 thousand dollars per person.
    The America we know allows a future for her to live in. The Great Depression in the history books is a good place to start her education. I do not think Rush has a degree in history, let alone
    any higher education and he is not known for his reliable reporting.
    Bush Jr was and still is a formidible conservative. It is childish to disown your ideology when it fails and those that attempt to enact conservatism with its “free market”. Free market is like playing the game of monopoly without any rules at all.
    Listening to Rush to form your political ideology is like going to Bernie Madoff to invest your life savings.
    Thank you Mr Levine………..