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Devoid of Ideas,Repubs Obstruct Obama

February 10, 2009

Guest: Republican strategist Mike Lane

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  • Lois Pardee February 19, 2009 6:57 pm

    30 years of failed republican policies? Republicans won a majority in the house in ’94. Prior to that it was in Democrats’ hands for 30 years. Republicans had a majority in the house for 12 years, ’95 through 2006.

  • madfuq February 9, 2009 2:57 pm

    The title of this says it all, “Devoid of Ideas Repubs Obstruct Obama” in a nut shell that is exactly right. The last 30 years of failed repub policies have successfully gotten us/US to where we are today. Clinton slowed it down some but he was stymied by a repub congress and hounded daily by the right wing constantly vilifying him and Hillary. Honestly the tactics worked to a dumbed down public looking for a tittlating story. Overall the repubs have caused the mess we have today just like all the messes they caused in the past ie: the bank failures in the 20’s the Great Depression in the 30’s. Yep I realize that they try to re-write history but it is all there if one reads the truth.