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Debate: Limits to Freedom of the Press?

July 11, 2006

Mark debates Mike Lane
Conservatives have loudly attacked the New York Times (but not the Wall Street Journal) for printing a story about Administration surveillance of millions of bank records without court warrants. Some have argued that the editor of the NYT should get the “gas chamber” for treason in exposing this program.
Who should decide what the press gets to print? A free press? Or the Government? Does the public have a right to know what a Government is doing in a democracy? Does it matter if the terrorists already knew what we were doing having been tipped off… the President himself?

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  • Robt July 30, 2006 1:54 pm

    And control of the press when it comes to our color code terror threat was never used in conjuction to enhance or obscure any of the Administrations missteps, poor policies, impose on political opposition, or even for political gain, via controlling and spinning the media.
    “Our President is a good moral man and would never do anything of that nature”, Brent Humes on FOX.
    He is a leader, who does not pay attention to the polls. Nor newspapers. Unless republican consensus offers direction for him. So he is President of republican America and a deciding dictator for the rest of America?
    The President listens to Karl Rove. And it is Karl Rove who does all the listening to polls.
    The President just listens to Rove on what and how to control the media. Does anyone think that GW would ever say anything about the Press or the NYT if Rove did not instruct him to?
    That is your brave Republican , “not sticking his moistened finger in the air to see the direction of the wind blowing”, The decider!
    It is Rove that set the policy with the Republican party on Embyonic stem cell research to veto. Which shall not fund the research that the President thinks is murder. Although, He is all for Private sector to murder in this research.
    —That apparently is OK with Mr. Moral—-
    The President, as corporate America, have the belief that if they contract out something that it is not their responsibility or liability.
    Example is Blackwater in Iraq. Contracted out and no liability on the governments part, no matter who they may kill or why. Yet the Media doesn’t report on this because of the War (occupation) effort. Controlled again….
    So I imagine if one hires a hit man to do a job on someone, This is not the employers guilt?
    Why aren’t we invading countries as England & Japan for genocide of embryos in their research?
    Or even Sanctions on them till they stop?
    So the spin control to the media (especially your FOX type media}is that the President doesn’t pay attention to polls & made this his personal discretionary Theocratic decision ,(actually,Based on Karl Rove’s polling).
    Isn’t there enough media contol on the American public and the world for Republicans at present?

  • Maybe one of my novels July 28, 2006 10:02 am

    I would read something else if I could find something more entertaining

  • Vicky July 28, 2006 9:42 am

    Geez – Gordon – Get a life and knock off your smart-mouth nonsense.
    And why don’t you read something other than your own poetry?

  • Motel 6 July 28, 2006 9:17 am

    Geez–Vicky and Robt.–get a room–and Robt.–read the Gideon dictionary while Vicky peruses the Bible