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Week in Review, Part II

July 12, 2006

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  • Ssgt . Mo Phucka July 16, 2006 10:42 am

    Soldiers, per se, fight for their lives–rationales are for armchair quarterbacks who watch the war on TV–soldiers fight for the fear they are taught to react to–and the comraderie that comes along the way
    Firefight rules? Return encroaching fire, until it is negated– a green zone firefight? negate all forces other than G.I.

  • Robt July 12, 2006 2:58 pm

    Mark, you hit it on the nose over the Bush Administration’s relationship with the press. If our present leadership wasn’t so hell bent on going into the lawless arena, getting his hired help to find the loop hole or the obscureness of the law to make the presidents stance look more legal than it is. As cherry picking intel to go to war! The , “why not go to the House and make or change the laws to be acceptable? Instead of dooing whatever and say, ” catch me if you can “, or ” the take it to the courts and in the mean time continue with the suspedt leadership “.
    By the time the courts hear on this Bush will be out of office and any spying data damage on America is already done. So there will be no accountability for Bush in this matter unless of course the House decides to investigate and hold hearings.
    My question still stands about the press. If Republicans get their way with the press,(as with the NYT), who will decide what to print and what not to print? Bush and the republicans? Perhaps lobbyists? Corporate America? We already have FOX news and Tony Snow of FOX as White House Press secretary. Fox calls Sean Hannity on TV news! They even put up ” FOX News ALert ” when Hannity interviewed Santorum over the false account WMD’s found, as Santorum had his brain fart.
    All the media will be FOX? Will the press have to change as gerimandering with each election.
    One other thing.
    Does our soldiers really know who they are fighting for in Iraq. I mean like which side. The sunni’s, Shiite’s, Kurds? Who’s side are they on? Who does our soldier fight for to win the country?
    They aren’t fighting for a free democratic society as conservitive pundits claim. Their government is not set up that way.
    I do not see how they could know who or what they fight for over there.
    If there was a gunfight in an area of the green zone between Shiite and Sunni and our troops were sent to squelsch it. What side do our troops take in this?