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Debate Monday

March 6, 2006

As Iraq descends into civil war and the President’s approval rating hits a new low, should the Republicans in Congress run away from the Administration in order to avoid the Democratic Landslide of 2006?
I will ask this of my favorite Republican, Mike Lane of Intelephant Strategies, a political strategist who works hard to get Republicans elected to office.

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  • Gordon in SF March 6, 2006 8:52 pm

    Well that was quick – it’s fixed! Thanks again.
    Also, Mark, please notice my change of email – [email protected] – in case you’re still sending out occasional show notifications and other items.

  • Gordon in SF March 6, 2006 8:47 pm

    Hey Mark – Another technical problem. When I click on the mp3 download link I get “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”
    Thanks in advance for fixing this.

  • Robt March 6, 2006 2:54 pm

    Does Mike approve of the Port deal?
    Are republicans distancing themselves from the President on the port deal publicly, while privately plunging the port deal through?
    Does Mike have a comment on the coincidence that the President appointed a senior management of Dubai Ports World ( in Jan 2006 ), to the DOT position of Maritime Head? Doesn’t this appear that the President knew in January of the deal?
    Why would the Republicans in the House let this appointment go without full scrutiny? So first the appointment of Sanborn to Maritime Head then the deal?
    Should we hire a foriegn countries leaders to run our country instead of voting them in?

  • Robt March 6, 2006 1:12 pm

    Has Mike Lane supported Dukester Cunningham in the past?
    It is widely obvious that the Republicans are highly conerned with Hillary Clinton. So much so Hillary has made a statement to the effect of Karl Rove being overly fixated with the thought of her making a campaign run. You hear this on every single conservative talk show. Beginning a malignant painting process of her.
    Is this what Mike Lane feels is beneficial to the people and government? Isn’t this ,” put down another to elevate oneself”, Strategy a major problem with the voting process?
    Why doesn’t the Republicans come right out and say vote for me, “I don’t believe in your social security”, “I don’t believe in paying taxes for schools”, “matter of fact, vote for me for I don’t believe in supporting my country nor do I believe in supporting an American society”?
    Does Mike Lane support repub candidates that support the Port deal with the UAE, or support the same repubs who have succumbed to party line and lobbyist first American peoples representation last?
    Does Mike agree with the President on this Port deal?
    If so, why would he feel this deal has no security issues? I mean if there were no security issues why was it being done secretly?
    Why can’t they openly ivestigate and scutinize the deal on CSPAN? You going to tell me there are security issues and it must be done in private?
    Can Mike see and admit that this Administration
    ignored a post War Iraq strategy. Ignored consideration of any intel for Post War Iraq? In fact that Bush seemed to take the Nike shoe commercial seriously and decided to, “just do it”. There is a recently retired CIA head (Mr Pillar) who essays this out formally. From “mission accomplished”, there has been little Post War strategy consideration. I consider Bill Clinton’s Kosovo mission to have a post strategy. That for the most it worked. This was with Republicans being unpatriotic during that time of war in Kosovo.
    Lastly, Is there one Republican candidate that Lane now supports that has questions of this administration and would formally pursue, investigate for the people and not let party line or lobbyists, nor fear of incumbancy loss curtail him from performing the peoples representation? And what would those issues be?
    Why do the republicans disdain the middle class America? What exactly do they represent in favor of the middle class. For that matter what of the poor? I don’t see this port deal as helping either middle class or the poor? Education cuts don’t seeem to help. But by golly, in the future abortion will only be available to those with enough money to go and get it where it be legal. Do you not see the class hypocrisy?