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Sunday Weekly Review: Hooray for Hollywood

March 12, 2006

Why is the right-wing so afraid of movies?
Sure, Hollywood is filled with excess, but I think the real fear is that Hollywood might be hitting at some real truth.
Guest: Katharine DeBrecht, Author of Help Mom! Hollywood?s in My Hamper
In the second hour, we’ll discuss the inconsistencies of the new South Dakota law banning most kinds of abortion. Do supporters of the law really want to send thousands of women to the electric chair?
And other news of the week…

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  • hate-mongering is the true evil March 30, 2006 9:04 am

    ddty–hate-mongering is the true evil fostering fear that endangers the world–hate-mongering is a cowardice that bows to evil for the sake of lies and deception
    Religion is man seeking God–seek God with your own religion–and realize Good, by seeing the innocence of God’s creations

  • ddty March 29, 2006 6:16 pm

    Islam the religion of terrorist. Islam the religion of genocide. Islam the religion of mass murders. Islam the religion of serail killers. Islam the religion of rapist. Islam the religion of female genital mutilation. Islam the religion of female degradation. Islam the religion of child abuse. Islam the religion of authoritarian rule. Islam the religion for humans not allowed to think for them selves. Islam the religion that most in the civilized world consider to be medieval and barbaric. Islam the religion that has its followers kill other innocent humans because they are not Islamic or leave Islam. Islam the religion with an ultimate goal of universal Islamic law for the entire world. Islam the religion of lies and liars. Islam the religion of EVIL. Islam the religion that worships Mohamad the so-called profit of Islam who committed and promoted evil crimes. Islam the religion that is consider a cult. Islam the religion to evil to be considered a religion of peace. Islam the religion should be made illegal by world courts. Islam the religious (cult) for Muslims. Islam, the religious nightmare for the entire world.

  • Dr. Spock March 25, 2006 8:39 pm

    And yet the abortion of Iraq continues in its long, drawn-out agony of bloody legacy of still-born democracy–a breach-baby that just can’t breath, its throat tied tightly shut by a twisting, coiled umbilical of Imperialistic intent and sectarian divisiveness