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Debate Tuesday

August 30, 2005

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Guest: Jim Parmelee, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican Political Action Committee and President of Republicans United for Tax Relief
Shouldn’t even die-hard Republicans reconsider whether continuing Bush foreign policy is helping or harming America?
1) Treatment of detainees — Is indefinite detention without charges or trial an American value? Is torture an American value? How again does this help spread democracy and freedom throughout the world? Does this help America be a “light unto the nations:?
2) The War on Iraq — Isn’t it time to admit that continuing to occupy Iraq makes us LESS secure? Not just because we can’t deal with the serious threats in North Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. But because leaving Iraq to civil war/anarchy now is better than leaving Iraq to civil war/anarchy 10 years later after several thousand more Americans are dead and tens of thousands more wounded (not to mention countless Iraqis)?
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  • How many have to die for a mistake? September 6, 2005 10:07 am

    Jim spun his way in circles before getting stuck on the question of whether we should have left Vietnam in ’73 (when we did)–or kept on until–well, who knows
    It was the same question he couldn’t answer about Iraq–how long should we stay there?
    Just came from The Wall–the first guy to die for a mistake was Harry Cramer–1955; the last guy was Richard Van De Geer–1975 –(Of course another 58 thousand-some have committed suicide, during and since)

  • Robt September 3, 2005 3:36 am

    I have just finished listening to this show. I am humbled that you asked those questions I posted. I very much appreciated your clarity on those questions. You read me well & asked them decisively and Jim scrambled for answers outloud. My analogy is, ” Jim was like a slippery eel in an oil spill and every time you got hold of him to bring him to safety he kept trying to wiggle away. It was those sure grip gloves of yours in the end “…..I thank you..
    Jim mentioned several times things as, ” you got to look long term “, ” Not at a point to leave “, ” we have to look where were at ” and ” we may get out early or may have to stay longer “. How will anyone even know what is early or taking longer? Whats on time? Those statements by themselves spell mumbo, massed together tells the tale of a very highly concerned Robt. Jim was right about one thing, and that is when he said Bush was re elected and doing what GW implied his capabilities would be as President. In the first presidential debate with John Kerry I would say is when GW revealed himself and his capabilities to us all (as an omen )………….
    You did get the first, the second question he was iffy. The third, well he took the “party line 5th” (by avoidance and decrying woosy cut and run slogans). As Vicky refered to you, If I may, ” You handled those porcupine quills without a muster “. It truley is a humble honoring feeling in listening……………………………….
    Is it too late to change “fadest” to fadist”.