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Debate Tuesday

February 22, 2005

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Mark debates Jim Parmelee, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Republican Political Action Committee and President of Republicans United for Tax Relief in a show televised live on Channel 10 in Northern Virginia and broadcast right here at

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  • Gordon from Bora Bora June 5, 2005 9:32 am

    An Antidote to Hate
    Thinking with the heart,
    feeling pulsations
    high and low, fast and slow,
    letting emanations float by,
    unattached, sensing
    all emotion there is to know,
    Revealing secrets shining
    through the third eye, showing
    differences melting,
    truth churning
    the solution to separation
    into a mix of moving miracles,
    to tears seeping
    dew upon the lotus blossom
    that bids the ego adieu…
    Opening to love,
    spraying I AM’s golden essence

  • madfuq February 22, 2005 4:23 pm

    Thanks for a good show and it was so apparent that the republicans just can’t get over the Clinton presidency and still would like to destroy the man personally if they could. Clinton must have scared the beejeebees out of the lot of them. Even to the point of backing the worse president I have seen in my lifetime and by that I mean the least informed, least talented and least aware of we the American people and our needs. Personally Bush doesn’t concern me as much as the political machine that calls the shots for this bunch. From observation alone it is blatently clear that bush is not the driving force but a ploy to be used. I don’t think Bush is stupid but rather canny and he is well propped up by the cronies that do call the shots, they have a great propoganda machine in place.
    What amazes me more is the people that support Bush even when it is against their better interest, their jobs, their family, their liberty and their finances. When talking to some they have put this small man up on a pedestal of rhetoric and won’t even listen to truth. You are doing a good job getting the truth out and we certainly need that in today’s politics.
    thanks again!

  • Nathan February 22, 2005 4:07 pm

    The election was not won by millionaires alone. Many working middle class people voted for Bush, and many very wealthy people voted for Kerry.
    Have no fear, elections can only be rigged as long as they are somewhat close. Even if what you say is true and Bush is destroying the middle class to benefit the wealthy, there will be far more “poor” than wealthy in the result and the masses will undoubtedly shift away from the republican party.
    I still think you’re dead wrong, but if you are right, the masses will soon see it your way and the elections won’t be close enough to steal.
    Nov 5th, 2008, Katie Couric reporting. “The exit polls showed an overwhelming victory for Hilary Clinton with 96% of the popular vote, but somehow Condoleeza Rice edged the vote in Ohio and Florida to take 271 electoral votes.
    When we hear the above words, I will admittingly stand corrected.